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Design, modeling and research of semiconductor devices and VLSI integrated circuits for new nanometer technologies. A particularly current topic is the innovative VESTIC (Vertical-Slit Transistor based Integrated Circuit) technology, an alternative to CMOS technologies (such as FinFET, FD-SOI), in… More
  • Promotor: Ph.D., D.Sc. Andrzej Oskar Pfitzner
  • Keywords: VLSI |
Scientific issues carried out as a part of the doctoral dissertation concern research areas such as 1) power electronics AC/DC converters (e.g., voltage source inverters with sinusoidal output voltage), power electronics DC/AC converters (e.g., grid-connected voltage source converters), power elect… More
Microwave characterization of materials (1-110 GHz) for 5G and 6G technology with the aid of resonance methods. The main attention will be focused on liquids and composite metamaterials with magnetic properties, which will be characterized with such equipment as Fabry-Perot open resonator or diel… More
robotics; robot programming methods, robot control system architectures, robotic system metamodels; automatic code generation of robot controllers, task planning; vision servos; positional and force control; robot applications; artificial intelligence; More
Possible topics of investigation related to the PhD dissertation are connected to power electronics based energy conversion for electrical energy sources such as wind turbines, photovoltaic modules, fuel cells, and electrochemical energy storage systems as well as for electric drive systems for ca… More
New hardware video compression acceleration algorithms: The research topic is devoted to the development of new hardware architectures for the latest H.266 / VVC video compression standard. This standard allows to improve the efficiency of compression compared to its predecessors (H.264/AVC and H.2… More
Projects in the field of acoustics and psychoacoustics; problems that refer to relations between physical quantities characterizing acoustical phenomena and the perceptual sound quality. In particular to phenomena related to acoustical quality of rooms such as concert and chamber halls, audio-visua… More
Metal nitrides from the IVb group, i.e., titanium, zirconium, and hafnium nitrides, are extremely hard, thermally, and chemically resistant conductive ceramics. Recently, they have been rediscovered for their scientifically interesting plasmonic properties. The combination of these properties occur… More
  1. Human skin is one complex organ with an area of 1.5 - 2 m2. The essential role of the epidermal barrier is to limit the escape of water from the body. We can prove whether the barrier is working properly by measuring, among other things, the amount of water that permeates the stratum cor… More

I am a constructor of electrical apparatus, who specializes in issues related to electromagnetism and low frequencies. I work for the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering - at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology - my area of scientific interest is: More

The research area concerns the spectroscopic study of new dielectric materials doped with rare earth ions. The luminescent properties of such media can be shaped by the selection of the active dopant its close surroundings, the symmetry of the crystal lattice as well as the geometry of the structur… More
Modeling, fabrication, and characterization of passive photonic structures for metrology, telecommunications, sensing and biosensing. Analytical, semi-analytical, and numerical modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in photonic elements. The use and development of thin-film technologies, in p… More
My scientific are of interests is electronics technology and additive techniques for structural and printed electronics. In my professional work I deal with the development and investigation of the properties of composite materials with the addition of functional phase in the form of carbon nanotub… More
1) The problem of the synthesis of the impedance of a passive one-port is a classic problem of circuit theory. The known solutions assume either obtaining a canonical structure with a minimum number of elements, but requiring the use of perfectly coupled inductances, or a structure without such ind… More
Analysis, synthesis, design, and optimization of complex dynamical systems, particularly in robotics, machinery, and multibody mechanisms applications. Computational methods for motion planning and control and experimental verification of these methods. 1. Research on kinematics and dynamics of re… More
Design and technology of semiconductor devices based on wide bandgap materials (silicon carbide, gallium nitride, gallium oxide, diamond), such as power devices and photodetectors. Analysis of electrophysical properties of interfaces between various materials used in semiconductor technology (metal… More
Development of innovative, advanced sensing solutions, in particular for biosensing applications. The sensors benefit from unique properties of applied optical fibers and thin films. As a team, within recent years we have developed advanced technological and measurement capabilities, as well as gai… More
Internet of Things, intelligent and adaptive sensors - design and implementation of dedicated devices and diagnostic methods. Diagnostics and prediction of object properties based on newly developed reliable signal patterns, to which raw data is received from constructed and programmed systems. Due… More
Research activities cover the problems of producing, modelling and characterizing active media and photonic structures for laser technology, fibre optics, integrated optoelectronics, visualization, radiation detection, technology of light, sensors and photovoltaics. A significant portion of his sci… More
Forecasting the RES generation and production of electricity in systems of various sizes using machine learning. Optimization in power engineering More
Tematyka badań jest związana z modelowaniem właściwości optycznych pasywnych, aktywnych i nieliniowych struktur fotonicznych, zarówno objętościowych oraz falowodowych zbudowanych między innymi na bazie metamateriałów, w tym metamateriałów hiperbolicznych. Badania posiadają charakter teoretyczny i … More
The research area concerns technology, characterization and diagnostics of semiconductor materials, structures and devices, transparent and flexible electronics, photonics, as well as technology of low-dimensional materials and structures. In particular: semiconductor technologies (development, mod… More
technologie mikroelektroniczna, nanoelektroniczna i fotoniczna More
Increasing the flexibility of the MV and LV distribution network with high saturation of distributed generation through, inter alia, use of systems and devices enabling remote reconfiguration and control of power flows. It is connected with increasing the safety and reliability of electricity suppl… More
Development of methods of identifying selected types of disturbances occurring in the power grid and / or electrical machines. This research problem is related to the transients appearing in the voltage and current signals at the time of a disturbance, e.g. short circuit, mechanical damage to the m… More
Contactless (wireless) transmission of electricity using signals of high frequency and high electric field strength. As part of the work, it is planned to develop systems of transmitters and receivers and to carry out research on materials allowing for the appropriate shaping of the electric field,… More
The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - integrated photonics systems for telecom, datacom, and sensor applications; fiber lasers and amplifiers, and new active media for applications in laser technology. The first of the above covers the issues of design, manufacturing technology, … More
The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - integrated photonics systems for telecom, datacom, and sensor applications; fiber lasers and amplifiers, and new active media for applications in laser technology. The first of the above covers the issues of design, manufacturing technology, … More
Quantum information techniques - At the Warsaw University of Technology, a quantum computer is built on an ion trap. Young scientists are needed for its construction and further development. A wide range of topics relates to the construction of quantum computer hardware and its software. The young … More
robotyka (robotics), synteza ruchu, roboty humanoidalne , roboty asystujące More
robotics, humanoids, assisting robots, arificial intelligence methods, real time control in robotics More
The research area includes fiber optics and photonics. The proposed research issues concern the development and testing of components, photonic sensors and fiber lasers based on innovative optical fibers and periodic (but not only) structures, in particular fiber Bragg gratings. Research topics may… More
photoacoustics - modeling, designing and measuring the properties of elements of photoacoustic devices, in particular photoacoustic cells as well as whole photoacoustic instruments; electronics - modeling, designing and measuring the properties of electronic circuits, usually at the boundary of ana… More
The main research area is the design, modeling, and implementation of data acquisition, processing, and control systems for biomedical applications and physics experiments. Particular emphasis is put on solutions based on programmable logic and embedded systems. This broad research area includes su… More

I am dealing with electromagnetic compatibility of arrangements. Methods of emission measurements and testing of susceptibility against different electromagnetic phenomena. A lot of my publication concerns phenomenon of discharge of static electricity. Another field of my interest is estimation … More

Computer simulation of electrical devices (electromagnetic field, circuits and systems), construction of HV pulse generators, but also algorithms of image and three-dimensional data processing (thermal imaging defectoscopy, computed tomography, automation of diagnostics of electrical devices and… More

I am involved in the development of new computational microscopy methods for the study of living cells and tissue sections. I use techniques of classical optoelectronic data (images) registration and their subsequent numerical reconstruction with specialized algorithms (also based on machine lea… More

I focus on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and the production of macroscopic nanotube structures as well as nanocomposites based on nanotubes and graphene. I am mainly interested in the production and modification of electrical conductors based on macroscopic nanotube structures for electronic… More

Printed Electronics, Textronics, Packaging, Biomedical sensors


The scientific and research activity of Sylwester Robak is focused on issues related to the subject of power systems, in particular: methods of improving the stability of power systems, simulating static and dynamic states of power systems, planning the development of power systems, demand-side … More

Drive system with a synchronous linear motor with sectioned stator


The research task includes the development of control algorithms for a synchronous linear motor with a long stator. An important aspect of the research will be the development of a sensorless vect… More

Badania prowadzone sią w trzech częściowo pokrywajacych się obszarach: (1) rozwój nowych multimodalnych metod i systemów optycznych słyżących badaniom trójwymiarowych mikrostruktur biologicznych i technicznych, (2) rozwój metod przetwarzania danych obrazowych (włączni… More

The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - development of novel optical methods and systems  for  2D and 3D investigations of biological and technical microstructures,  development of optical data processing methods (including   AI) and their applications for &n… More

Scientific research activity regard several theoretical and experimental topics mainly concerning sensors, measurement, automatic control and robotics. Currently involved in automation and computer technology, modelling, mathematical models and systems for high-resolution measurements, fundament… More

Scientific research activity regard several theoretical and experimental topics mainly concerning sensors, measurement, automatic control and robotics. Currently involved in automation and computer technology, modelling, mathematical models and systems for high-resolution measurements, fundament… More

(1) Zagadnienia zwiazane z projektowaniem zaawansowanych metod sterowania, w tym zwłaszcza sterowania predykcyjnego. Zastosowania do napędów pojazdów, w tym elektrycznych i hybrydowych; do układów robotycznych i do rozproszonej generacji energii elektrycznej ze róde o… More

(1) Issues related to the design of advanced control algorithms, especially model-based predictive control. Applications to drivetrain(s) of vehicles, including electric and hybrid; to robotic systems; and to systems of distributed generation of electricity from renewable sources. (2)Design of c… More

Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) allows to visualize a spatial distribution of electrical permittivity of objects. Images are reconstructed using capacitance values measured between electr… More

Capacitance measurements will be estimated. The selection of training datasets that may be application-dependent will be performed. Real data generation will consist in dynamic image acquisition … More

Electrical tomography allows to visualize a spatial distribution of electrical parameters of tested objects. Until now, electrical impedance tomography (EIT)… More

The simulations will allow to determine the optimal parameters of a tomographic sensor, which will be in the form of an elastic belt or a vest worn by the pa… More

The objective of the PhD student will be to train a neural network based on a family of impedance frequency characteristics measured for magnetic nanocrystalline rings. This network will enable the mapping of the measured frequency characteristics with lumped element electric circuit (LEEC) mode… More

Building a semiconductor-device model for Monte Carlo simulation takes a large set of nominally identical structures to be electrically characterized. This can be impossible in the case of experimental devices or those working in non-standard conditions, e.g. at extreme temperatures. Generative … More

The power system must maintain a balance between demand and supply of electricity at all times. In most solutions used around the world, this balance is achieved by using various types of market systems. However, due to changes in the way electricity is produced and consumed, these systems are u… More

Forecasting and estimating the condition of power grids. Optimization in the power industry. Research on new forecasting methods resistant to data deficit.


Designing of mobile robots (structures, systems for tracking and analyzing the environment, control systems, ...) for special applications using various locomotion techniques, including those imitating human and animal behavior. Development of human-service robot communication methods, including… More

Time series classification is a popular machine learning task with many practical applications. To date, there have been many papers devoted to the classification of binary and multiclass time series of one and many variables. Thanks to the resources collected on the UEA/UCR Time Series Classificat… More
The evolution of 5G/6G network infrastructure towards integrated communication and computing infrastructure, improves currently offered services and enables new services such as Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), immersive 6DoF video, 360 videos, as well as Internet of Everything (IoT/IoE)… More
Signal processing, especially speech processing. Natural language processing, in particular in the cybersecurity context. Voice biometry. Applications of machine learning. Computer technology in therapeutical applications. More
Methods of analysis and optimisation of intelligent complex systems SoS (System-of-Systems) – autonomous interacting technology-intensive systems, communicating and interacting with the environment, involved in real-time decision-making. The primary subject of research are network systems – compute… More
New video compression methods based on neural networks: The research problem is devoted to the development of new architectures of convolutional neural networks and other video signal processing components for effective compression of video sequences. These other elements include the use of orthogo… More
New video compression methods for low-latency transmission: The research issue is devoted to the development of new algorithms for selecting the encoding modes and adjusting the compression rate for video sequences. The aim of the work is to develop software methods for creating information streams… More
Optical transmission in free space and in optical fibers with application of advanced digital signal processing methods, multiplexing and coding to increase the spectral efficiency of optical transmission with both coherent and direct detection. Designing new techniques to counter the effects of in… More
My main research interests include application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the development of general-purpose human-like / human-level learning and problem-solving methods. Building such multi-purpose solving systems includes, among others, the concepts of explainability, uni… More
General research are is digital processing of radar signals (or other signals with similar properties - echolocation, acoustic localization). Specific areas proposed for a PhD student are: - nonuniform sampling and incomplete data problems (including, but not limited to Compressed Sensing and its… More
Operations and Maintenance system in 6G Mobile Networks: analysis of Machine Learning impact in the network management as a whole (multi-agent environment) More
Use of information technology for proactive detection (identification and exposure) of disinformation and misinformation content - automated methods for flagging disinformation content, tracking propagation channels, detecting original sources of spreading false information. I am primarily interest… More
Theory and algorithms of intelligent hypercomplex signal processing: The research is concentrated on the theory and search of practical applications of theoretical results in multidimensional signal processing. Nowadays, the methods of intelligent signal processing are extensively developping as th… More
Theoretical studies and experiments in the domain of multidimensional complex and hypercomplex signals: The research is focused on development of theory and looking for possible practical applications of theoretical results in 2-D and 3-D signal processing. The theoretical part concerns the develop… More
1)Methods of detection and classification of heart abnormalities using deep learning techniques - concerns techniques and algorithms for processing ECG signals for automatic detection and classification of heart abnormalities using deep machine learning methods. It is planned to use a variety of d… More
cyber security, network security, IoT security, ICS security, malware analysis, HoneyPot systems More
Research Area of the Research Group on Radar Imaging Techniques, lead by dra hab. inż. Piotr Samczyński, prof. WUT, specializes in digital signal processing for the creation of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) radar images using the synthetic aperture technique (SAR – Synthetic Apert… More
Research in the field of methods of observing new cyber attacks: anomaly detection and network steganography. The study aims to uncover cybercrimes through digital forensics effectively. The primary research issue is the development of new methods of observing phenomena, in particular in ICT networ… More
The research area covers the issues of image processing, computer vision, machine learning (including deep learning) and broadly understood artificial intelligence. More
Data analysis systems in various aspects: applications, modeling and implementation, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, SQL and NoSQL databases, structured and unstructured data, Big Data, optimization, visualization and understanding of data, data context and environment, eff… More
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1) Different categories of radar clutter and telecommunications interferences have probability distributions, the "tails" of which can be treated in a uniform way using the extreme value theory (EVT). This theory, however, describes only the asymptotic behavior of these distributions, for the detec… More
I deal with research on the practical aspects of using artificial intelligence. In particular, in recent years, my research has focused on: (1) the use of semantic technologies to represent and use knowledge, (2) the use of artificial intelligence methods in IoT systems (especially in situations wh… More
Research in the application of innovative techniques in the area of cybersecurity of information systems. The aim of the research is to develop mechanisms to increase the level of cybersecurity of computer systems, information networks or hardware implementations of systems (FPGA, ASIC, SoC) by app… More
The use of artificial intelligence methods for detection, tracking and target recognition in radar. Nowadays, artificial intelligence methods are used in more and more different fields. One of them is radar. The classic approach to radar uses methods and algorithms for the detection, tracking and r… More

Research on software engineering automation This research topic pertains to the influence of software development automation tools on the development process and monitoring, maintenance and further evolution of software. It is planned to undertake research on methods and … More

Research on low-code systems (new generation visual general purpose programming languages) This research topic pertains to programming languages based on a visual paradigm and related to conceptual programming, knowledge modelling and constrained natural language. It is p… More

Research on dedicated modelling languages for different application areas This research topic pertains to the development of modelling languages that serve defining executable models for different areas of application, e.g. Public Open Data (POD), the Internet of Thing (I… More

Convergence of high-performance computing and machine learning. Development of distributed programming methods, techniques and environments, with particular emphasis on machine learning solvers and their integration into classic HPC solutions used in a cluster, grid and cloud environments in relati… More
The aim of the research is to develop the theory of floating-point calculations for elementary and special functions, using "magic constants" (bit-manipulation technique) for various formats - fp16, fp32, fp64. Development of a modern theory of approximation of such functions by algebraic polynomia… More
Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI, such as deep learning) in the field of technical and environmental sciences, including the analog systems diagnostics (for instance, audio amplifiers or RIAA correctors), exploration of human musical taste based on the analysis of acoustic features of so… More
software engineering, bioinformtics, artificial intelligence, data fusion More
The research will be related to the systems for non-intrusive monitoring of elderly persons; in particular – the systems based on the radar sensors and depth sensors. The research will be focused on the development of new methods for: • the analysis of movements of monitored persons; • the predicti… More
Integration of knowledge and ICT systems. The development of ICT infrastructure as a key layer of civilization will follow several basic directions. At the technological level, it is the integration of more and more distant functionalities, virtualization, development of structural components, m… More
bioinformatics, big data, distributed computing, machine learning More
computer vision (SLAM, visual search), machine learning (deep learning, generative models, continual learning), representation learning (binary descriptors). More
cyber security, network security, information hiding techniques, analysis of cyber threats and their countermeasures, security mechanisms More

Modeling, control, and simulation of complex systems (ICT, financial engineering, medicine, water resources, etc.), computer decision support systems, recommendation systems, wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, optimal resource allocation in data networks and computing centers, par… More

Distributed and prosumer-centered energy systems create conditions for local cooperation between producers and consumers. As a result, local market technical and business models are emerging, e.g., clusters and energy cooperatives. The proposed research field covers the design of market mechanis… More

The prevailing solutions used in the practice of the operation of power systems are narrowed to the central balancing mechanisms. The proposed research field is about breaking this paradigm and considering a distributed balancing system involving multiple agents with different, sometimes conflic… More

Informatyka medyczna; Informatyka zorientowana na człowieka; Teoria informacji; Komputerowe wspomagania decyzji; Inteligencja obliczeniowa, rozszerzona, wzmocniona; Reprezentacje rzadkie sygnałów; Oszczędne próbkowanie; Ocena jakości obrazów; Przetwarzanie i analiza obraz&oa… More

Medical informatics; Human-centered computing; Information theory; Computerized decision support; Computational, augmented, amplified intelligence; Sparse signal representations; Compressed sensing; Image quality assessment; Image processing and analysis; Multimedia 


Bioinformatyka, genomika obliczeniowa, sztuczna inteligencja, uczenie maszynowe


Opis obszaru badawczego


Opis obszaru badawczego


Machine learning for social and sensor data This issue is dedicated to candidates with knowledge of machine learning methods, the ability to acquire and process data and those interested in both development in this area and the application of these methods to social issues. The goal will be to d… More

Red teamming AI foundation models. Foundation models (for language or image data) will play an increasingly important role in AI systems. They will also provide more and more opportunities for a diverse range of applications, often not foreseen at the model training stage. An in-depth analysis a… More

Polyrepresentation learning for image or text models. AI systems use numerous approaches to train data representations. Often, however, a single approach is based on one selected perspective related to the loss function used to train the representation. When looking for fundamental models, it ma… More

I invite doctoral students and researchers interested in harnessing the latest technologies in medicine to collaborate. My work is interdisciplinary, offering the opportunity to engage in both fundamental and applied research. The goal is not just to hone your analytical and programming skills b… More

I am interested in interdisciplinary topics related to the development and use of modern IT methods. My experience includes computer modelling of biological phenomena, problem-solving in computational intelligence, and IT system security. I am currently researching large language models (LLMs) a… More

First research field: artificial intelligence, machine learning, in particular, dimensionality reduction, data visualization, clustering, classification, self-organization, outlier detection, artificial neural networks, feature extraction and selection. Second research field: concurrent programm… More

Speech signal analysis to detect the emotional state of the speaker. The research task includes a comprehensive speech signal analysis to identify the speaker's emotional state. Data processing algorithms include analyzing static and dynamic signal features and selecting the best ones. Machine lea… More
Analysis of physiological signals to detect fatigue. The research task requires developing and constructing a test stand that enables the acquisition of various physiological signals at different stages of user fatigue. It is planned to use the following signals: electroencephalographic (EEG), ele… More
The research topic includes the development of algorithms for the processing and analysis of physiological signals, including EEG, for the purpose of the detection and prediction of epileptic seizures. The research will also cover the location of the sources of epilepsy. An important aspect of the … More
Mathematical modelling of biomateials and materials, simulations of phenomena in living tissues, finite element analyses of materials and tissues behaviour, finite element analyses of phenomena taking place during flow of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids, application o finite element method in re… More
The research will be related to the systems for non-intrusive monitoring of elderly persons; in particular – the systems based on the radar sensors and depth sensors. The research will be focused on the development of new methods for: • the analysis of movements of monitored persons; • the predicti… More
vibroacoustics, noise and vibration propagation, minimization of vibrations and noise, technical diagnostics More

Medical informatics; Human-centered computing; Information theory; Computerized decision support; Computational, augmented, amplified intelligence; Sparse signal representations; Compressed sensing; Image quality assessment; Image processing and analysis; Multimedia 


Bioinformatyka, genomika obliczeniowa, sztuczna inteligencja, uczenie maszynowe


y-wall interaction regimes in terms of global spray behaviour due to the wall (vortex formation),

  • Microscopic  droplet imaging - to determine the influence of the spray-wall interaction on the droplet size distribution (due to possible droplet break-up/deposition or wall f… More
    • Promotor: prof. Radosław Achramowicz
    • Keywords: gcfvnjh |

Integration of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Two-Dimensional Materials for Advanced Biosensing Applications


The development of novel sensing technologies is of paramount importance for human health monitoring. Biosensors are an excellent choice… More

The topic is related to the search for new materials for tissue reconstruction. We will focus on polymers containing glycerin and unsaturated polycarboxylic acids in their structure. Such materials can be easily introduced into aza- and thio-Michael reactions under mild conditions. As a result of t… More
Synthetic and modified biopolymers. Research on the synthesis and physical (blend, composite) and chemical modification (block and branched copolymers, degradation, chain extension) of synthetic (PLA, PHA, PBAT, etc.) and natural (cellulose, starch, chitosan) biopolymers. The use of natural, waste … More
Controlled methods of polymer synthesis. Research on the synthesis of polymer molecules using controlled polymerization methods (ATRP, AREGET ATRP, RAFT - in cooperation, ROP of lactones, cyclic carbonates and ethers) and chain grafting (click chemistry, coupling with DCC / EDC, etc.) in combinatio… More
Hybrid polymers and composites. Synthesis and structural characterization of hybrid polymers based on metal carboxylates or organophosphates. Correlation of physicochemical properties and morphology with the structure of the organic substituent. Application in synthesis (as reactive polymers), modi… More
Recycling and processing of plastics. Study of the impact of cycles in mechanical recycling on the change of mechanical properties (tensile, bending and compressive strength as well as impact tests) and rheological properties (plastometer, rheometer). Counteracting the loss of properties by the add… More

Experimental and theoretical study on mass transfer processes in liquid-liquid dispersed systems including multiphase systems. Preparation of structured liquid systems such as e.g. multiple emulsions for delivering active substances and encapsulating drugs, living cell… More

Chemistry and technology of polymer materials with ionic conductor properties. More
Polymer electrolytes for use in lithium, lithium-ion and sodium batteries. More
Polymer composite materials. More
Synthesis and properties of organosilicon aerogels and composite materials based on these aerogels: experimental research and numerical modeling. Numerical modeling of aerosol and colloidal systems (synthesis, particle dynamics, formation, structuring and disintegration of aggregates). More
Highly flexible, double cross-linked organosilicon aerogels dried using a cheap and scalable method at atmospheric pressure The aim of the project is to overcome the problems related to the synthesis of typical aerogels by developing the synthesis of double-cross-linked organosilicon aerogels. ""… More
The main research areas are: - preparation of catalysts for the decomposition of toxic compounds under non-equilibrium plasma conditions and in combined plasma-catalytic processes, - modification of the surface of plastics in order to obtain materials with hydrophilic properties, - decomposition… More
The focus of the previously performed studies has been in the field of heterogeneous catalysts in reactions such as ketonization of carboxylic acids and their derivatives, as well as chemoselective transfer hydrogenation of α,β -unsaturated carbonyl compounds, including acrolein and its derivatives… More
The process of plasma conversion of methane can be conducted in plasma or plasma-catalytic systems under oxidizing or reducing conditions. The source of methane can be biogas, which, is formed from various kinds of biomass, and has a different composition and content of methane. For this reason, no… More
Ammonia is a substance produced on a very large scale all over the world, but it can be also formed in various processes in the natural environment. It is a raw material for many chemical syntheses and is perceived as a hydrogen store, which is included in the Hydrogen Strategy for a Climate Neutra… More
The research carried out in my Team (Ceramics Group) concerns the preparation of ceramic materials having unique properties which can be used, e.g. in the electronics industry (dielectric, semiconductor, ferroelectric materials), automotive (materials resistant to abrasive wear) or medicine (e.g. d… More
Switchable catalysts/catalytic systems based on gallium and indium alkoxides for the controlled and stereoselective ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters. The research field concerns determination of the effect of the structure of gallium and indium alkoxides, a relatively new class of c… More
The effect of the character of M–C(NHC) bond on the synthesis, structure and reactivity of main group metal complexes with N-heterocyclic carbenes. The research field concernes the studies on the effect of metal and the structure of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs), on the character of M–C(NHC) bo… More
Solid rocket propellants. The research includes the synthesis of new components of these propellants, giving them an appropriate usable form, e.g. by crystallization or granulation. Also physicochemical tests of these components and mixtures, and the formation of propellants based on these material… More
Research on the synthesis and modification of polyhydroxyurethanes. Polyurethanes are one of the most important groups of plastics used in many fields. However, the currently used technologies for their production are based on the use of isocyanates, which are toxic and moisture sensitive, and t… More
Electrospun polymer structures for the manufacturing of biomaterials An important aspect of tissue engineering is the ability to imitate the fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM) in the way that fundamental principles of cell organization, survival, and function can be provided. One of the most impo… More
Research on the synthesis of new polymeric systems derived from carbon dioxide In connection with the climate catastrophe we are witnessing, it is necessary to eliminate technologies based on fossil resources. On the other hand, there is a need for technologies that would reduce the concentrati… More
Research on the synthesis and application of polymers and polymer networks based on oligocarbonate diols The work carried out in recent years by our team has shown the extraordinary potential of polyurethanes based on oligocarbonate diols to obtain elastomers and coatings with excellent adhesion… More
The main areas of scientific of prof. Paweł Sobieszuk include chemical engineering and bioprocess engineering. His research works are tackling the problems concerning nanohydroxyapatite synthesis and characterization for application in bone regeneration therapy. Especially important is designing th… More
The proposed research topic concerns an innovative method of hydrogen production from the direct conversion of methane from biogas and other sources to hydrogen and carbon in a microwave catalytic reactor. The European Commission confirmed the actuality of this research topic by a recently announce… More
The main research areas of prof. Tomasz Ciach cover all issues related to medical biotechnology, in particular: drug delivery systems, nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery, nanoparticles for medical diagnostics, bone implants obtained by 3D printing methods, ceramic nanoparticles for bone imp… More
I deal with the analysis of the synthesis safety and use of compounds with explosive groups. These compounds are commonly used as intermediates in the chemical industry and as components of utility mixtures. My research work is focused on compounds used as explosives (Ex). I deal with synthesis of … More

Current research is focused on applications of dispersed systems in medicine, mainly in drug delivery systems such as inhalers and intranasal atomizers. In this case, chemical engineering issues concern, among others: (i) hydrodynamics and mass transport in the respiratory tract; (ii) generation… More

Design, preparation and characterization of catalysts for large-scale industrial chemical processes of significant economic importance and functional materials used in electromobility, energy storage and production and hydrogen technologies for sustainable development. Current activity is focused a… More

Areas of scientific activity: polymer materials, including degradable and biodegradable (description of the structure, characteristics of properties, relations between the structure and properties), polymer thermoplastic composites - including the use of natural fillers, polyurethane materials, inc… More
The research area covers a number of issues related to modeling, production and characterization as well as the practical use of materials for modern energy conversion and production systems. The works carried out are research and expert activities. The numerous cooperating entities include leading… More
Topic: New techniques of ultrasonic atomization of metals and alloys The proposed research area covers fabrication of powders of various materials by ultrasonic atomization, using arc and induction melting. Tests of powders in terms of their applications for 3D printing and description of optimal … More
In scientific practice, I deal with the design and numerical development of morphological features of the structure of polymer materials, with particular emphasis on hyper-deformable plastics and hybrid materials. The defined scope of research interests is reflected in my scientific achievements. T… More
The research focuses on manufacturing, characterization and numerical modelling techniques to design the microstructure and properties of porous materials and the processes taking place in them. Fabrication of materials is based on such techniques as: tape casting, 3D printing, chemical and electro… More
Research focuses on the development and characterization of advanced biomaterials for implantology, tissue engineering and drug delivery systems. More

The objectives of the PhD project are: (1) to develop submicro- and nano-structured Cu-Mo composites with unprecedented and controllable mechanical and thermal properties as well as (2) to elaborate an in-depth understanding of the relationsship between the composite architecture, structure and … More

The PhD project will focus on searching microalloying elements which enables to eliminate the early precipitation stages taking place (just after water quenching but before ageing) in AlMgSi alloys at ambient temperature. The topic is of high importance for aluminium industry because such early … More

Development and implementation into the research offer of the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection and UDT-CERT, a service for monitoring the technical condition of under-supervision devices, addressed to the industry, using tests of mini-samples with shapes similar to standardized samples… More

The subject of the implementation type doctoral thesis is located in the area of vacuum carburization of steel with the application of local activation. Low pressure vacuum carburizing is increasingly used in industry. It allows increasing the process temperature, reducing the processing time an… More

The subject of the doctoral thesis is located in the area of surface engineering of high-strength nanobainitic steels. The aim of the thesis will be to identify the possibility of controlling the structure and properties of steel in hybrid processes using high-temperature surface diffusion treat… More

Fibre-reinforced polymer composites with special properties. Modification of polymer composites to improve their electrical, thermal and antibacterial properties. Surface modification of composites to improve their hydrophobic and ice-phobic properties, laser surface structuring. Research on rel… More

The presence of potentially harmful alloying elements such as Al and V is a basic drawback of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy which is widely studied in orthopeadic application. These chemical elements can be released to the human body during tribocorrosion. Wear in the conditions as can be found in the hum… More

The research area primarily includes modelling of phase stability, atomic ordering, and properties of multicomponent alloys for applications in extreme conditions, such as in fusion reactors. The main groups of investigated alloys include ferritic-martensitic steels, tungsten alloys, high-entrop… More

Advancing the development of technologies for combining and/or manufacturing innovative materials tailored for diverse industries, particularly the petrochemical, energy, and aerospace sectors. To achieve this objective, rigorous physical and chemical assessments of materials as supplied by manu… More

The area of research covers several issues related to the design and assessment of the properties of polymer materials and their composites. Much of the work concerns the flammability characteristics of polymers and the search for new, environmentally friendly flame retardants. The research aims… More

The research topics concern two disciplines: materials engineering and computer science. The PhD thesis will focus on research on porous polyurethane materials using machine learning methods. As part of the work, one of the machine learning methods will be used - deep learning. Many characterist… More

The scope of scientific research interests includes the issues related to automatization and robotization of production processes, in particular advanced techniques of man-machine communication, based on automatic image recognition and speech recognition More
He specializes in the field of metrology of geometric quantities, mainly in the development of algorithms, modeling and accuracy testing of broadly understood coordinate measuring systems for the automotive, aviation, energy, precision and biomedical engineering industries. He also deals with quali… More
Supporting welding processes with physical factors such as mechanical vibrations, magnetic and electric fields. Diffusion welding and vacuum brazing of advanced materials such as composites, ceramics and metals. Non-destructive testing of metal products. More
Conceptual works in the area of aircraft design: aerodynamic configurations, propulsion systems selection, mission analysis etc. More
computer simulation of welding processes and surface modification processes by thermal spraying and thermal hardfacing/cladding, fabrication of structures by additive welding technology, analysis and testing of residual stresses in welded joints and surface layers, hybrid methods in welding proc… More
Problems of dynamics of motor vehicle traffic and electromobility. Stand and traction tests of motor and agricultural vehicles and their components and teams, in particular: experimental and simulation tests of controllability and the stability of motor vehicles; impact of vibrations on humans in… More
dynamics modeling and control of nonlinear ground and underwater vehicles, robotics, space control and space robotics More
dynamics modeling and control of nonlinear ground and underwater vehicles, robotics, space control and space robotics More
bookbinding technology and machines More
Her research interests are focused on the issues of modelling and designing effective transport and logistics networks and systems for servicing production companies and methods and tools supporting the planning and organization of transport with the use of heuristic algorithms based on evolutionar… More
Application of artificial intelligence methods in technical diagnostics, including the issue of selection of diagnostic information and diagnostically oriented signal processing and analysis. Modeling of electric energy storages for electric and hybrid vehicles with the use of computational intelli… More
The aim is to develop the principles of shaping the dynamic properties of epoxy-glass and epoxy-carbon composites as well as composites with a mixed structure (e.g. with metal elements). Experimental verification is planned on test stands of elements that have been designed on the basis of the pro… More
The research area covers the diagnosis of the technical condition of mechanical components of drive systems. It is planned to verify the effectiveness of the proposed diagnostic algorithms at test stands or real objects operating in operational conditions. On this basis, the following issues can be… More
The research area concerns the formation of torsional and bending vibrations of the crankshafts resulting from the excitations related to the operation of the internal combustion engine. As part of the work, it is planned to measure the torsional vibrations of the shaft end and transverse vibration… More
  • Promotor: Ph.D., D.Sc. Jacek Janusz Dziurdź