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prof. Paweł Grzegorz Parzuchowski
Faculty of Chemistry
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Gmach Technologii Chemicznej, pok. 247, codziennie 9-16
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Research on the synthesis of new polymeric systems derived from carbon dioxide In connection with the climate catastrophe we are witnessing, it is necessary to eliminate technologies based on fossil resources. On the other hand, there is a need for technologies that would reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The proposed research area concerns the synthesis of new cyclic and multicyclic monomers and their use to obtain polymers of various structures, from linear to branched, and hybrid systems. Carbon dioxide and its simple derivatives such as dimethyl carbonate and ethylene carbonate will be used as the precursor of cyclic moieties. The obtained materials will be an alternative to the currently used polyurethanes or, thanks to their unique features, they will be used as modifiers of their properties.
Chemical Engineering