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Ph.D., D.Sc. Marcin Kołodziej
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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GE 205
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The research topic includes the development of algorithms for the processing and analysis of physiological signals, including EEG, for the purpose of the detection and prediction of epileptic seizures. The research will also cover the location of the sources of epilepsy. An important aspect of the research will be the development of algorithms that can be used in medical practice. The EEG signals database collected as part of cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw for over 50 people is available for use. The pre-processing research is expected to develop an EMG / EEA / ECG artifact elimination method. The task involves the development of effective trait extraction methods for the detection and prediction of epileptic seizures. As an important research novelty, it is worth considering the use of deep learning, including autoencoders and convolutional neural networks.
Biomedical Engineering