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Ph.D., D.Sc. Mariusz Krzysztof Kaleta
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
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Gmach WEiTI, p. 561, konsultacje po umówieniu terminu
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The prevailing solutions used in the practice of the operation of power systems are narrowed to the central balancing mechanisms. The proposed research field is about breaking this paradigm and considering a distributed balancing system involving multiple agents with different, sometimes conflicting goals. The topic is of key importance in the light of the ongoing changes, the increase in the number of distributed energy resources and, consequently, the introduction of rigidity in the system, the emergence of new customers and producers (e.g., electric cars), as well as the processes of democratization of the energy sector. The research topic includes the recognition of existing concepts of distributed balancing mechanisms, critical analysis (including evaluation methodology), and the proposal and research of new balancing mechanisms. The issue is multidisciplinary. It touches on economic elements (maximization of economic benefits) but also social factors (fair distribution of balancing costs) and contains technological potential (e.g., blockchain as a potential solution).

Information and Communication Technology