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Ph.D., D.Sc. Jacek Janusz Dziurdź
Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering
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ul. Narbutta 84, pok. 0.014, poniedziałek 13:15-14:00
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The research area concerns the formation of torsional and bending vibrations of the crankshafts resulting from the excitations related to the operation of the internal combustion engine. As part of the work, it is planned to measure the torsional vibrations of the shaft end and transverse vibrations of the engine body, and to develop a dynamic model of the crankshaft. On this basis, the following issues can be considered: - influence of excitations on vibrations of engine components, - analysis of the influence of torsional vibration dampers (their structure and mechanical properties) on vibrations of crankshafts, - analysis of torsional-bending vibrations occurring in crankshafts, - vibroacoustic diagnostics of elements of crank systems.
Mechanical Engineering