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Ph.D., D.Sc. Andrzej Tadeusz Plichta
Faculty of Chemistry
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Gmach Technologii Chemicznej, pok. 321, tel. 22 234 5632, konsultacje po umowieniu przez e-mail
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Hybrid polymers and composites. Synthesis and structural characterization of hybrid polymers based on metal carboxylates or organophosphates. Correlation of physicochemical properties and morphology with the structure of the organic substituent. Application in synthesis (as reactive polymers), modification of mechanical properties of organic polymers (fillers of different morphology), flammability (flame retardants), crystallization of organic polymers (nucleants). Research on the synthesis of organosilicon polymers, including silanized urethane prepolymers. The use of these systems to create composites with carbon materials with increased thermal conductivity. Production and testing of the properties of composites with increased thermal conductivity based on matrices of synthetic, rigid and flexible biopolymers. Manufacturing and testing of composites with abrasive properties based on matrixes of synthetic elastic biopolymers or viscoelastic resins - carbon dioxide derivatives.
Chemical Engineering