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Ph.D., D.Sc. Ryszard Piramidowicz
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
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Gmach Radiotechniki, p. 133,
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The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - integrated photonics systems for telecom, datacom, and sensor applications; fiber lasers and amplifiers, and new active media for applications in laser technology. The first of the above covers the issues of design, manufacturing technology, and characterization of integrated photonic circuits for the visible, near, and mid-infrared range (with a specific focus on the MIR range, hardly accessible to modern integrated photonics technologies). The second one covers the design and research of new fiber lasers and amplifiers, operating in the VIS and NIR spectral range, while the third one covers the spectroscopic research of new active media - optically active glasses and composite materials based on polymers doped with nanocrystals activated with rare-earth ions.
Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Space Technologies