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The topic is related to the search for new materials for tissue reconstruction. We will focus on polymers containing glycerin and unsaturated polycarboxylic acids in their structure. Such materials can be easily introduced into aza- and thio-Michael reactions under mild conditions. As a result of t… More
Synthetic and modified biopolymers. Research on the synthesis and physical (blend, composite) and chemical modification (block and branched copolymers, degradation, chain extension) of synthetic (PLA, PHA, PBAT, etc.) and natural (cellulose, starch, chitosan) biopolymers. The use of natural, waste … More
Controlled methods of polymer synthesis. Research on the synthesis of polymer molecules using controlled polymerization methods (ATRP, AREGET ATRP, RAFT - in cooperation, ROP of lactones, cyclic carbonates and ethers) and chain grafting (click chemistry, coupling with DCC / EDC, etc.) in combinatio… More
Hybrid polymers and composites. Synthesis and structural characterization of hybrid polymers based on metal carboxylates or organophosphates. Correlation of physicochemical properties and morphology with the structure of the organic substituent. Application in synthesis (as reactive polymers), modi… More
Recycling and processing of plastics. Study of the impact of cycles in mechanical recycling on the change of mechanical properties (tensile, bending and compressive strength as well as impact tests) and rheological properties (plastometer, rheometer). Counteracting the loss of properties by the add… More

Experimental and theoretical study on mass transfer processes in liquid-liquid dispersed systems including multiphase systems. Preparation of structured liquid systems such as e.g. multiple emulsions for delivering active substances and encapsulating drugs, living cell… More

Chemistry and technology of polymer materials with ionic conductor properties. More
Polymer electrolytes for use in lithium, lithium-ion and sodium batteries. More
Polymer composite materials. More
Synthesis and properties of organosilicon aerogels and composite materials based on these aerogels: experimental research and numerical modeling. Numerical modeling of aerosol and colloidal systems (synthesis, particle dynamics, formation, structuring and disintegration of aggregates). More
Highly flexible, double cross-linked organosilicon aerogels dried using a cheap and scalable method at atmospheric pressure The aim of the project is to overcome the problems related to the synthesis of typical aerogels by developing the synthesis of double-cross-linked organosilicon aerogels. ""… More
The main research areas are: - preparation of catalysts for the decomposition of toxic compounds under non-equilibrium plasma conditions and in combined plasma-catalytic processes, - modification of the surface of plastics in order to obtain materials with hydrophilic properties, - decomposition… More
The focus of the previously performed studies has been in the field of heterogeneous catalysts in reactions such as ketonization of carboxylic acids and their derivatives, as well as chemoselective transfer hydrogenation of α,β -unsaturated carbonyl compounds, including acrolein and its derivatives… More
The process of plasma conversion of methane can be conducted in plasma or plasma-catalytic systems under oxidizing or reducing conditions. The source of methane can be biogas, which, is formed from various kinds of biomass, and has a different composition and content of methane. For this reason, no… More
Ammonia is a substance produced on a very large scale all over the world, but it can be also formed in various processes in the natural environment. It is a raw material for many chemical syntheses and is perceived as a hydrogen store, which is included in the Hydrogen Strategy for a Climate Neutra… More
The research carried out in my Team (Ceramics Group) concerns the preparation of ceramic materials having unique properties which can be used, e.g. in the electronics industry (dielectric, semiconductor, ferroelectric materials), automotive (materials resistant to abrasive wear) or medicine (e.g. d… More
Switchable catalysts/catalytic systems based on gallium and indium alkoxides for the controlled and stereoselective ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters. The research field concerns determination of the effect of the structure of gallium and indium alkoxides, a relatively new class of c… More
The effect of the character of M–C(NHC) bond on the synthesis, structure and reactivity of main group metal complexes with N-heterocyclic carbenes. The research field concernes the studies on the effect of metal and the structure of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs), on the character of M–C(NHC) bo… More
Solid rocket propellants. The research includes the synthesis of new components of these propellants, giving them an appropriate usable form, e.g. by crystallization or granulation. Also physicochemical tests of these components and mixtures, and the formation of propellants based on these material… More
Research on the synthesis and modification of polyhydroxyurethanes. Polyurethanes are one of the most important groups of plastics used in many fields. However, the currently used technologies for their production are based on the use of isocyanates, which are toxic and moisture sensitive, and t… More
Electrospun polymer structures for the manufacturing of biomaterials An important aspect of tissue engineering is the ability to imitate the fibrous extracellular matrix (ECM) in the way that fundamental principles of cell organization, survival, and function can be provided. One of the most impo… More
Research on the synthesis of new polymeric systems derived from carbon dioxide In connection with the climate catastrophe we are witnessing, it is necessary to eliminate technologies based on fossil resources. On the other hand, there is a need for technologies that would reduce the concentrati… More
Research on the synthesis and application of polymers and polymer networks based on oligocarbonate diols The work carried out in recent years by our team has shown the extraordinary potential of polyurethanes based on oligocarbonate diols to obtain elastomers and coatings with excellent adhesion… More
The main areas of scientific of prof. Paweł Sobieszuk include chemical engineering and bioprocess engineering. His research works are tackling the problems concerning nanohydroxyapatite synthesis and characterization for application in bone regeneration therapy. Especially important is designing th… More
The proposed research topic concerns an innovative method of hydrogen production from the direct conversion of methane from biogas and other sources to hydrogen and carbon in a microwave catalytic reactor. The European Commission confirmed the actuality of this research topic by a recently announce… More
The main research areas of prof. Tomasz Ciach cover all issues related to medical biotechnology, in particular: drug delivery systems, nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery, nanoparticles for medical diagnostics, bone implants obtained by 3D printing methods, ceramic nanoparticles for bone imp… More
I deal with the analysis of the synthesis safety and use of compounds with explosive groups. These compounds are commonly used as intermediates in the chemical industry and as components of utility mixtures. My research work is focused on compounds used as explosives (Ex). I deal with synthesis of … More

Current research is focused on applications of dispersed systems in medicine, mainly in drug delivery systems such as inhalers and intranasal atomizers. In this case, chemical engineering issues concern, among others: (i) hydrodynamics and mass transport in the respiratory tract; (ii) generation… More

Design, preparation and characterization of catalysts for large-scale industrial chemical processes of significant economic importance and functional materials used in electromobility, energy storage and production and hydrogen technologies for sustainable development. Current activity is focused a… More