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Speech signal analysis to detect the emotional state of the speaker. The research task includes a comprehensive speech signal analysis to identify the speaker's emotional state. Data processing algorithms include analyzing static and dynamic signal features and selecting the best ones. Machine lea… More
Analysis of physiological signals to detect fatigue. The research task requires developing and constructing a test stand that enables the acquisition of various physiological signals at different stages of user fatigue. It is planned to use the following signals: electroencephalographic (EEG), ele… More
The research topic includes the development of algorithms for the processing and analysis of physiological signals, including EEG, for the purpose of the detection and prediction of epileptic seizures. The research will also cover the location of the sources of epilepsy. An important aspect of the … More
Mathematical modelling of biomateials and materials, simulations of phenomena in living tissues, finite element analyses of materials and tissues behaviour, finite element analyses of phenomena taking place during flow of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids, application o finite element method in re… More
The research will be related to the systems for non-intrusive monitoring of elderly persons; in particular – the systems based on the radar sensors and depth sensors. The research will be focused on the development of new methods for: • the analysis of movements of monitored persons; • the predicti… More
vibroacoustics, noise and vibration propagation, minimization of vibrations and noise, technical diagnostics More

Medical informatics; Human-centered computing; Information theory; Computerized decision support; Computational, augmented, amplified intelligence; Sparse signal representations; Compressed sensing; Image quality assessment; Image processing and analysis; Multimedia 


Bioinformatyka, genomika obliczeniowa, sztuczna inteligencja, uczenie maszynowe


y-wall interaction regimes in terms of global spray behaviour due to the wall (vortex formation),

  • Microscopic  droplet imaging - to determine the influence of the spray-wall interaction on the droplet size distribution (due to possible droplet break-up/deposition or wall f… More
  • Promoter prof. Radosław Achramowicz
  • Keywords: Gcfvnjh |

Integration of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Two-Dimensional Materials for Advanced Biosensing Applications


The development of novel sensing technologies is of paramount importance for human health monitoring. Biosensors are an excellent choice… More