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The scope of scientific research interests includes the issues related to automatization and robotization of production processes, in particular advanced techniques of man-machine communication, based on automatic image recognition and speech recognition More
He specializes in the field of metrology of geometric quantities, mainly in the development of algorithms, modeling and accuracy testing of broadly understood coordinate measuring systems for the automotive, aviation, energy, precision and biomedical engineering industries. He also deals with quali… More
Supporting welding processes with physical factors such as mechanical vibrations, magnetic and electric fields. Diffusion welding and vacuum brazing of advanced materials such as composites, ceramics and metals. Non-destructive testing of metal products. More
Conceptual works in the area of aircraft design: aerodynamic configurations, propulsion systems selection, mission analysis etc. More
computer simulation of welding processes and surface modification processes by thermal spraying and thermal hardfacing/cladding, fabrication of structures by additive welding technology, analysis and testing of residual stresses in welded joints and surface layers, hybrid methods in welding proc… More
Problems of dynamics of motor vehicle traffic and electromobility. Stand and traction tests of motor and agricultural vehicles and their components and teams, in particular: experimental and simulation tests of controllability and the stability of motor vehicles; impact of vibrations on humans in… More
dynamics modeling and control of nonlinear ground and underwater vehicles, robotics, space control and space robotics More
dynamics modeling and control of nonlinear ground and underwater vehicles, robotics, space control and space robotics More
bookbinding technology and machines More
Her research interests are focused on the issues of modelling and designing effective transport and logistics networks and systems for servicing production companies and methods and tools supporting the planning and organization of transport with the use of heuristic algorithms based on evolutionar… More
Application of artificial intelligence methods in technical diagnostics, including the issue of selection of diagnostic information and diagnostically oriented signal processing and analysis. Modeling of electric energy storages for electric and hybrid vehicles with the use of computational intelli… More
The aim is to develop the principles of shaping the dynamic properties of epoxy-glass and epoxy-carbon composites as well as composites with a mixed structure (e.g. with metal elements). Experimental verification is planned on test stands of elements that have been designed on the basis of the pro… More
The research area covers the diagnosis of the technical condition of mechanical components of drive systems. It is planned to verify the effectiveness of the proposed diagnostic algorithms at test stands or real objects operating in operational conditions. On this basis, the following issues can be… More
The research area concerns the formation of torsional and bending vibrations of the crankshafts resulting from the excitations related to the operation of the internal combustion engine. As part of the work, it is planned to measure the torsional vibrations of the shaft end and transverse vibration… More
Modelling and analysing dynamics of collision of nonlinear structure elements considering energy dissipation. Modelling and analysing dynamics of systems with piezoelectric elements. Modelling and analysing dynamics of structure elements whose viscoelastic properties are described using differentia… More
Implementation of scientific activities in the field of construction and operation of machines. The conducted research concerns the design, modeling and simulation tests of rail vehicles. Detailed areas of activity are related to the safety of rail vehicles traffic, intermodal freight transport and… More
Implementation of scientific activities in the field of construction and operation of machines. Research work is carried out on the design, modeling and testing of vehicles. Detailed areas of activity are related to the dynamics of wheeled, tracked and rail vehicles, methods of designing and manufa… More
Surface layer of materials, methods of testing the condition of the surface layer: texture of the surface, testing microstructure, residual stresses. Assessment of the properties of materials and layers under conditions of high strain rates with the use of nanosecond laser pulses. Methods of increa… More
Metal cutting and electrical discharge machining More
Mass cusomization: designing production systems, organizing and managing the production of customized products (i.e. meeting various requirements of specific customers) with the use of solutions and the possibility of obtaining high efficiency and productivity typical for large-scale production (ma… More
New production models using IT. The development of new IT technologies (conventionally known as Industry 4.0 technologies) creates new opportunities for the construction, organization and management of production and enterprises. The existing concepts and models for the organization and management … More
Research studies in flight dynamics and control of aerial vehicles More
Przetwórstwo tworzyw polimerowych, Reologia, Modelowanie procesów przetwórstwa tworzyw, Wytłaczanie, Wtryskiwanie, CAD/CAE w przetwórstwie tworzyw More
""The research topic addresses the problem of compressible and transient flows through a channel of variable diameter and/or variable geometry. The investigations are based on numerical simulations in computational fluid mechanics using the OpenFOAM toolkit. Tasks in this research area include: - … More
The research area covers issues related to the flight dynamics, control and navigation of manned and unmanned flying objects such as airplanes, rotorcraft, and missiles. The research concerns the development of physical, mathematical, and simulation model of aircraft, analysis of its dynamic proper… More
Dimensional metrology, laser interferometry and laser diodes in measurements of geometrical parameters. Development of: high resolution interferometric displacement transducers, laser diode interferometer, laser diode frequency stabilization, photo detection systems for counting fringe type interf… More
Analysis, synthesis, design, and optimization of complex dynamical systems, particularly in robotics, machinery, and multibody mechanisms applications. Computational methods for motion planning and control and experimental verification of these methods. 1. Research on kinematics and dynamics of re… More
Application of the additive manufacturing in protective structures and armament technologies. Ballistic protection. Ballistics tests and simulations. Kinetic energy projectiles. More
Research studies in flight dynamics, aircraft motion modeling, and system identification applications in aeronautical problems. More
The research topic concerns the problem of flutter in the horizontal Ziegler column placed on a rough and moving surface. A friction force having a variable tracking component is transmitted through a roller attached transversely to the second column member. This component can cause a dynamic loss … More
In scientific practice, I deal with the design and numerical development of morphological features of the structure of polymer materials, with particular emphasis on hyper-deformable plastics and hybrid materials. The defined scope of research interests is reflected in my scientific achievements. T… More
The research area is focused on non-conventional manufacturing technologies, including modeling of the electrical discharge machining, application of artificial intelligence in the optimization of EDM processes, additive manufacturing, optimization of SLS/SLM process, hybrid erosive-abrasive machin… More
Research work in the area of control of unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles. More
The core of my research is related to the development of spatial imaging methods of static objects (widely known as 3D scanning) and those in motion (called 4D scanning, realised many times per second), the automation of related processes and their practical use. The work related to the development… More
Smart materials are structures whose physical properties can be changed by an external factor. Examples of this type of material are piezoelectrics, rheological liquids or Vacuum Packed Particles, which are the main scientific interest of my team. VPP are structures made of loose granular material,… More
Dimensional control and metal flow inspection using machine vision is increasingly being used as a measurement technology that provides rapid and accurate representation of the final product. Therefore, the aim of the proposed direction of research is to develop a smart measurement technology in th… More
Implementation of activities in the field of construction and operation of machines. The conducted research concern the design, modeling and simulation tests of composite multi-layer structures. Detailed areas of activity are related to the modeling of sandwich panels for e.g. for the construction … More
machining, metrology, SPC, MSA, quality control More
joining of advanced materials; hybrid welding; surface modification; surface remanufacturing; solid-state welding More
Design and multidisciplinary optimization (aerodynamics, structures, performance, etc.) of flying objects with particular emphasis on flying qualities (dynamic stability and control). Unconventional configurations - searching for optimal solutions. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for various purpose… More
Plastic micro-forming, mechanical micro-joining, incremental micro-forming: - metal objects with dimensions of approximately 1 mm. Metallic glasses. Heat treatment of micro-objects. Contact issues in the processes of plastic microforming. Supporting processes with the energy of low-frequency vibrat… More
In order to ensure product safety, the corrugated board strength indexes should be maintained at an appropriate level. In summary, conducting research in the field of packaging is nowadays popular and current topic. In the theoretical part of this thesis will include analysis of scientific literatu… More
Modelling of geometrical tolerances of machine parts. Development of new standardisation concepts for dimensional and geometrical tolerances to be used in the design, manufacturing, testing and operation of machine parts. Research into new and improvement of tools for the specification of product g… More
My research interests include the analysis of the surface free energy of printing materials, development, properties and modifications of biodegradable films dedicated for packaging. More
My research interests include the analysis of the surface free energy of printing materials, development, properties and modifications of biodegradable films dedicated for packaging. More
vibroacoustics, noise and vibration propagation, minimization of vibrations and noise, technical diagnostics More

Współczesne metody eksperymentalne w mechanice i budowie maszyn oraz rozwój tych metod. Nowoczesne metody projektowania maszyn. Badanie właściwości kompozytów, biomechanika.


Zastosowanie metody elektrycznej tomografii rezystancyjnej z użyciem cienkich warstw przewodzących do określania uszkodzeń obiektów technicznych.


Computational methods of biomechanics, with particular emphasis on the biomechanics of impact / biomechanics of injuries (trauma) with applications aimed at improving passive safety (reducing the consequences of accidents) of road and light aircraft vehicles. 
Improvement/development… More

Turbulence is a ubiquitous phenomenon commonly encountered in nature and in engineering applications, ranging from geophysical flows to flows around an airplane wing or within industrial pipelines. From an experimental perspective, turbulence is advected by the bulk flow that flushes away turbul… More

Effective control of spray-wall interaction characteristics in low-pressure systems is an essential feature in various practical application… More