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Ph.D., D.Sc. Piotr Paweł Żach
Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering
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SIMR, 2.7d, poniedziałek 8:00
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In scientific practice, I deal with the design and numerical development of morphological features of the structure of polymer materials, with particular emphasis on hyper-deformable plastics and hybrid materials. The defined scope of research interests is reflected in my scientific achievements. The leading direction of research and development work carried out by me and under my direction is the multidimensional assessment of the behavior of systems based on homogeneous and composite polymer matter, carried out on the basis of experimental and numerical methodology and the development of active structural modeling methods using the FEM reverse engineering assumptions through an unconventional approach for the identification and description of phenomena as well as implementation application in specific utility applications. The subject of my research focuses on the identification and interpretation of phenomena occurring during the operation of systems built on the basis of polymeric materials, including hypereformable structures that can be used and / or possible - newly designed in the construction of working machines. For this purpose, I use coupled model descriptions of parametric hyper-deformable matrices, taking into account a number of factors interacting, among others, by ie temperature, deformation speed, internal and structural friction, and more. The issues undertaken by me in research and development work relate to the following issues: design, evaluation, analysis and application of polymeric materials, methodology for interpreting phenomena and predicting the behavior of polymers using numerical topology coupled with the experimental identification of hyper-deformable material as well as obtaining, processing and recycling of construction materials and aspects accompanying. The issue of managing raw materials is complementary to the mainstream scientific work, both in terms of theoretical and practical applications. It covers aspects defined by the concept of a circular economy, i.e. issues from the idea, design, through production, operation, to economic development, in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection. The general research work carried out by me covers new topics, with development potential, constituting a real response to the expectations of various sectors of the economy. The activities are in line with the development of new production methods, techniques and technologies. The work carried out under my direction is aimed at developing application solutions. The demand for the results of my research and implementation works occurs in particular in the following industries: plastics processing, automotive, energy, aviation, waste management.
Materials Engineering