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The current research interests focus on miniaturized analytical systems (Lab-on-a-Chip) for monitoring of bioanalytes. Emphasis is now also being laid on the development of polymeric chips for human cell culture (Cell-on-a-Chip) in unique, in vivo-mimicking microenvironment where studies of cell… More

The topic of work will be the development of a biochemical microsystem for the analysis of a complex profile of hormone secretion (hormonal fingerprints) using various analytical methods. Analysis of the profile of hormones secreted by the pancreas is of great importance in the diagnosis and dev… More

Interactions between organs are essential to ensure proper physiological functioning of the human body. Understanding these interactions is particular in the new drugs design. An ""organ on a chip"" is a microfluidic system in which you can model the environment and intercell… More

Microbiological processing of agri-food industry waste in order to obtain valuable products, incl… More

Investigation of the possibility of using probiotic yeast as carriers of orally administered ther… More

Development of bioprocesses in which, using microorganisms, it is possible to produce innovative co… More

The evolutionarily directed affinity of nucleic acids and antibodies toward the corresponding analytes (complementary sequences, antigens) makes them applicable, among other things, as receptors for biosensing layers of affinity biosensors. Molecular recognition occurring in several nanometer in… More

My research focuses on determining the anticancer potential of various active compounds. In particular, the research is concerned with determining the cytotoxicity of potential drugs against various cancer and normal lines, determining the type of cell death (apoptosis, autophagy) and activation… More

Obszary zainteresowań: Biologia syntetyczna, opracowanie hybrydowych komórek zdolnych do syntezy biodegradowalnych, termoplastycznych polimer&… More

Obszary zainteresowań: biologia systemowa mikroorganizmów i komórek eukariotycznych, powiązanie biogenezy tRNA aktywnością metabolizmu,… More

Obszary zainteresowań: bioinformatyka, matematyczne modelowanie komputerowe metabolizmu komórek eukariotycznych i prokariotycznych, użycie i o… More