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Ph.D., D.Sc. Tomasz Paweł Gołofit
Faculty of Chemistry
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Gmach Technologii Chemicznej, pok. 221B, konsultacje wtorek 14-16.
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I deal with the analysis of the synthesis safety and use of compounds with explosive groups. These compounds are commonly used as intermediates in the chemical industry and as components of utility mixtures. My research work is focused on compounds used as explosives (Ex). I deal with synthesis of new explosives, optimizing and analyzing the safety of synthesis, obtaining new utility forms Ex. The main threat related to compounds containing explosive groups is a thermal explosion. To estimate this risk, it is necessary to know the kinetic parameters describing the initial stage of decomposition. Therefore a large part of my work is related to the study of thermal properties of explosives and determining the kinetic parameters of the decomposition reaction.
Chemical Engineering