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Ph.D., D.Sc. Andrzej Tadeusz Plichta
Faculty of Chemistry
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Gmach Technologii Chemicznej, pok. 321, tel. 22 234 5632, konsultacje po umowieniu przez e-mail
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Controlled methods of polymer synthesis. Research on the synthesis of polymer molecules using controlled polymerization methods (ATRP, AREGET ATRP, RAFT - in cooperation, ROP of lactones, cyclic carbonates and ethers) and chain grafting (click chemistry, coupling with DCC / EDC, etc.) in combination with controlled destructive methods within polyesters and polycarbonates. Block copolymers with mixable and immiscible blocks (phase separation). Synthesis of functional polymers, including polymer conjugates as drug delivery systems. Synthesis of systems acting as multifunctional and reactive modifiers of polyesters and polyamides. Research on the kinetics of polymerization. Detailed analysis of the structure of the obtained chains (including MALDI ToF and GPC with quadruple detection - branches, copolymers, Mn, Mw, DI, etc.) and morphological analysis of the obtained materials (SEM, AFM, Raman microscope, DLS). Determination of the mechanical properties of polymers and composites.
Chemical Engineering