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Design, modeling and research of semiconductor devices and VLSI integrated circuits for new nanometer technologies. A particularly current topic is the innovative VESTIC (Vertical-Slit Transistor based Integrated Circuit) technology, an alternative to CMOS technologies (such as FinFET, FD-SOI), in… More
  • Promoter Ph.D., D.Sc. Andrzej Oskar Pfitzner
  • Keywords: VLSI |
Scientific issues carried out as a part of the doctoral dissertation concern research areas such as 1) power electronics AC/DC converters (e.g., voltage source inverters with sinusoidal output voltage), power electronics DC/AC converters (e.g., grid-connected voltage source converters), power elect… More
Microwave characterization of materials (1-110 GHz) for 5G and 6G technology with the aid of resonance methods. The main attention will be focused on liquids and composite metamaterials with magnetic properties, which will be characterized with such equipment as Fabry-Perot open resonator or diel… More
robotics; robot programming methods, robot control system architectures, robotic system metamodels; automatic code generation of robot controllers, task planning; vision servos; positional and force control; robot applications; artificial intelligence; More
Possible topics of investigation related to the PhD dissertation are connected to power electronics based energy conversion for electrical energy sources such as wind turbines, photovoltaic modules, fuel cells, and electrochemical energy storage systems as well as for electric drive systems for ca… More
New hardware video compression acceleration algorithms: The research topic is devoted to the development of new hardware architectures for the latest H.266 / VVC video compression standard. This standard allows to improve the efficiency of compression compared to its predecessors (H.264/AVC and H.2… More
Projects in the field of acoustics and psychoacoustics; problems that refer to relations between physical quantities characterizing acoustical phenomena and the perceptual sound quality. In particular to phenomena related to acoustical quality of rooms such as concert and chamber halls, audio-visua… More
Metal nitrides from the IVb group, i.e., titanium, zirconium, and hafnium nitrides, are extremely hard, thermally, and chemically resistant conductive ceramics. Recently, they have been rediscovered for their scientifically interesting plasmonic properties. The combination of these properties occur… More
  1. Human skin is one complex organ with an area of 1.5 - 2 m2. The essential role of the epidermal barrier is to limit the escape of water from the body. We can prove whether the barrier is working properly by measuring, among other things, the amount of water that permeates the stratum cor… More

I am a constructor of electrical apparatus, who specializes in issues related to electromagnetism and low frequencies. I work for the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering - at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology - my area of scientific interest is: More

The research area concerns the spectroscopic study of new dielectric materials doped with rare earth ions. The luminescent properties of such media can be shaped by the selection of the active dopant its close surroundings, the symmetry of the crystal lattice as well as the geometry of the structur… More
Modeling, fabrication, and characterization of passive photonic structures for metrology, telecommunications, sensing and biosensing. Analytical, semi-analytical, and numerical modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in photonic elements. The use and development of thin-film technologies, in p… More
My scientific are of interests is electronics technology and additive techniques for structural and printed electronics. In my professional work I deal with the development and investigation of the properties of composite materials with the addition of functional phase in the form of carbon nanotub… More
1) The problem of the synthesis of the impedance of a passive one-port is a classic problem of circuit theory. The known solutions assume either obtaining a canonical structure with a minimum number of elements, but requiring the use of perfectly coupled inductances, or a structure without such ind… More
Analysis, synthesis, design, and optimization of complex dynamical systems, particularly in robotics, machinery, and multibody mechanisms applications. Computational methods for motion planning and control and experimental verification of these methods. 1. Research on kinematics and dynamics of re… More
Design and technology of semiconductor devices based on wide bandgap materials (silicon carbide, gallium nitride, gallium oxide, diamond), such as power devices and photodetectors. Analysis of electrophysical properties of interfaces between various materials used in semiconductor technology (metal… More
Development of innovative, advanced sensing solutions, in particular for biosensing applications. The sensors benefit from unique properties of applied optical fibers and thin films. As a team, within recent years we have developed advanced technological and measurement capabilities, as well as gai… More
Internet of Things, intelligent and adaptive sensors - design and implementation of dedicated devices and diagnostic methods. Diagnostics and prediction of object properties based on newly developed reliable signal patterns, to which raw data is received from constructed and programmed systems. Due… More
Research activities cover the problems of producing, modelling and characterizing active media and photonic structures for laser technology, fibre optics, integrated optoelectronics, visualization, radiation detection, technology of light, sensors and photovoltaics. A significant portion of his sci… More
Forecasting the RES generation and production of electricity in systems of various sizes using machine learning. Optimization in power engineering More
Tematyka badań jest związana z modelowaniem właściwości optycznych pasywnych, aktywnych i nieliniowych struktur fotonicznych, zarówno objętościowych oraz falowodowych zbudowanych między innymi na bazie metamateriałów, w tym metamateriałów hiperbolicznych. Badania posiadają charakter teoretyczny i … More
The research area concerns technology, characterization and diagnostics of semiconductor materials, structures and devices, transparent and flexible electronics, photonics, as well as technology of low-dimensional materials and structures. In particular: semiconductor technologies (development, mod… More
technologie mikroelektroniczna, nanoelektroniczna i fotoniczna More
Increasing the flexibility of the MV and LV distribution network with high saturation of distributed generation through, inter alia, use of systems and devices enabling remote reconfiguration and control of power flows. It is connected with increasing the safety and reliability of electricity suppl… More
Development of methods of identifying selected types of disturbances occurring in the power grid and / or electrical machines. This research problem is related to the transients appearing in the voltage and current signals at the time of a disturbance, e.g. short circuit, mechanical damage to the m… More
Contactless (wireless) transmission of electricity using signals of high frequency and high electric field strength. As part of the work, it is planned to develop systems of transmitters and receivers and to carry out research on materials allowing for the appropriate shaping of the electric field,… More
The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - integrated photonics systems for telecom, datacom, and sensor applications; fiber lasers and amplifiers, and new active media for applications in laser technology. The first of the above covers the issues of design, manufacturing technology, … More
The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - integrated photonics systems for telecom, datacom, and sensor applications; fiber lasers and amplifiers, and new active media for applications in laser technology. The first of the above covers the issues of design, manufacturing technology, … More
Quantum information techniques - At the Warsaw University of Technology, a quantum computer is built on an ion trap. Young scientists are needed for its construction and further development. A wide range of topics relates to the construction of quantum computer hardware and its software. The young … More
robotyka (robotics), synteza ruchu, roboty humanoidalne , roboty asystujące More
robotics, humanoids, assisting robots, arificial intelligence methods, real time control in robotics More
The research area includes fiber optics and photonics. The proposed research issues concern the development and testing of components, photonic sensors and fiber lasers based on innovative optical fibers and periodic (but not only) structures, in particular fiber Bragg gratings. Research topics may… More
photoacoustics - modeling, designing and measuring the properties of elements of photoacoustic devices, in particular photoacoustic cells as well as whole photoacoustic instruments; electronics - modeling, designing and measuring the properties of electronic circuits, usually at the boundary of ana… More
The main research area is the design, modeling, and implementation of data acquisition, processing, and control systems for biomedical applications and physics experiments. Particular emphasis is put on solutions based on programmable logic and embedded systems. This broad research area includes su… More

I am dealing with electromagnetic compatibility of arrangements. Methods of emission measurements and testing of susceptibility against different electromagnetic phenomena. A lot of my publication concerns phenomenon of discharge of static electricity. Another field of my interest is estimation … More

Computer simulation of electrical devices (electromagnetic field, circuits and systems), construction of HV pulse generators, but also algorithms of image and three-dimensional data processing (thermal imaging defectoscopy, computed tomography, automation of diagnostics of electrical devices and… More

I am involved in the development of new computational microscopy methods for the study of living cells and tissue sections. I use techniques of classical optoelectronic data (images) registration and their subsequent numerical reconstruction with specialized algorithms (also based on machine lea… More

I focus on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and the production of macroscopic nanotube structures as well as nanocomposites based on nanotubes and graphene. I am mainly interested in the production and modification of electrical conductors based on macroscopic nanotube structures for electronic… More

Printed Electronics, Textronics, Packaging, Biomedical sensors


The scientific and research activity of Sylwester Robak is focused on issues related to the subject of power systems, in particular: methods of improving the stability of power systems, simulating static and dynamic states of power systems, planning the development of power systems, demand-side … More

Drive system with a synchronous linear motor with sectioned stator


The research task includes the development of control algorithms for a synchronous linear motor with a long stator. An important aspect of the research will be the development of a sensorless vect… More

Badania prowadzone sią w trzech częściowo pokrywajacych się obszarach: (1) rozwój nowych multimodalnych metod i systemów optycznych słyżących badaniom trójwymiarowych mikrostruktur biologicznych i technicznych, (2) rozwój metod przetwarzania danych obrazowych (włączni… More

The research is carried out in three overlapping areas - development of novel optical methods and systems  for  2D and 3D investigations of biological and technical microstructures,  development of optical data processing methods (including   AI) and their applications for &n… More

Scientific research activity regard several theoretical and experimental topics mainly concerning sensors, measurement, automatic control and robotics. Currently involved in automation and computer technology, modelling, mathematical models and systems for high-resolution measurements, fundament… More

Scientific research activity regard several theoretical and experimental topics mainly concerning sensors, measurement, automatic control and robotics. Currently involved in automation and computer technology, modelling, mathematical models and systems for high-resolution measurements, fundament… More

(1) Zagadnienia zwiazane z projektowaniem zaawansowanych metod sterowania, w tym zwłaszcza sterowania predykcyjnego. Zastosowania do napędów pojazdów, w tym elektrycznych i hybrydowych; do układów robotycznych i do rozproszonej generacji energii elektrycznej ze róde o… More

(1) Issues related to the design of advanced control algorithms, especially model-based predictive control. Applications to drivetrain(s) of vehicles, including electric and hybrid; to robotic systems; and to systems of distributed generation of electricity from renewable sources. (2)Design of c… More

Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) allows to visualize a spatial distribution of electrical permittivity of objects. Images are reconstructed using capacitance values measured between electr… More

Capacitance measurements will be estimated. The selection of training datasets that may be application-dependent will be performed. Real data generation will consist in dynamic image acquisition … More

Electrical tomography allows to visualize a spatial distribution of electrical parameters of tested objects. Until now, electrical impedance tomography (EIT)… More

The simulations will allow to determine the optimal parameters of a tomographic sensor, which will be in the form of an elastic belt or a vest worn by the pa… More

The objective of the PhD student will be to train a neural network based on a family of impedance frequency characteristics measured for magnetic nanocrystalline rings. This network will enable the mapping of the measured frequency characteristics with lumped element electric circuit (LEEC) mode… More

Building a semiconductor-device model for Monte Carlo simulation takes a large set of nominally identical structures to be electrically characterized. This can be impossible in the case of experimental devices or those working in non-standard conditions, e.g. at extreme temperatures. Generative … More

The power system must maintain a balance between demand and supply of electricity at all times. In most solutions used around the world, this balance is achieved by using various types of market systems. However, due to changes in the way electricity is produced and consumed, these systems are u… More

Forecasting and estimating the condition of power grids. Optimization in the power industry. Research on new forecasting methods resistant to data deficit.


Designing of mobile robots (structures, systems for tracking and analyzing the environment, control systems, ...) for special applications using various locomotion techniques, including those imitating human and animal behavior. Development of human-service robot communication methods, including… More