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Areas of scientific activity: polymer materials, including degradable and biodegradable (description of the structure, characteristics of properties, relations between the structure and properties), polymer thermoplastic composites - including the use of natural fillers, polyurethane materials, inc… More
The research area covers a number of issues related to modeling, production and characterization as well as the practical use of materials for modern energy conversion and production systems. The works carried out are research and expert activities. The numerous cooperating entities include leading… More
Topic: New techniques of ultrasonic atomization of metals and alloys The proposed research area covers fabrication of powders of various materials by ultrasonic atomization, using arc and induction melting. Tests of powders in terms of their applications for 3D printing and description of optimal … More
In scientific practice, I deal with the design and numerical development of morphological features of the structure of polymer materials, with particular emphasis on hyper-deformable plastics and hybrid materials. The defined scope of research interests is reflected in my scientific achievements. T… More
The research focuses on manufacturing, characterization and numerical modelling techniques to design the microstructure and properties of porous materials and the processes taking place in them. Fabrication of materials is based on such techniques as: tape casting, 3D printing, chemical and electro… More
Research focuses on the development and characterization of advanced biomaterials for implantology, tissue engineering and drug delivery systems. More

The objectives of the PhD project are: (1) to develop submicro- and nano-structured Cu-Mo composites with unprecedented and controllable mechanical and thermal properties as well as (2) to elaborate an in-depth understanding of the relationsship between the composite architecture, structure and … More

The PhD project will focus on searching microalloying elements which enables to eliminate the early precipitation stages taking place (just after water quenching but before ageing) in AlMgSi alloys at ambient temperature. The topic is of high importance for aluminium industry because such early … More

Development and implementation into the research offer of the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection and UDT-CERT, a service for monitoring the technical condition of under-supervision devices, addressed to the industry, using tests of mini-samples with shapes similar to standardized samples… More

The subject of the implementation type doctoral thesis is located in the area of vacuum carburization of steel with the application of local activation. Low pressure vacuum carburizing is increasingly used in industry. It allows increasing the process temperature, reducing the processing time an… More

The subject of the doctoral thesis is located in the area of surface engineering of high-strength nanobainitic steels. The aim of the thesis will be to identify the possibility of controlling the structure and properties of steel in hybrid processes using high-temperature surface diffusion treat… More

Fibre-reinforced polymer composites with special properties. Modification of polymer composites to improve their electrical, thermal and antibacterial properties. Surface modification of composites to improve their hydrophobic and ice-phobic properties, laser surface structuring. Research on rel… More

The presence of potentially harmful alloying elements such as Al and V is a basic drawback of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy which is widely studied in orthopeadic application. These chemical elements can be released to the human body during tribocorrosion. Wear in the conditions as can be found in the hum… More

The research area primarily includes modelling of phase stability, atomic ordering, and properties of multicomponent alloys for applications in extreme conditions, such as in fusion reactors. The main groups of investigated alloys include ferritic-martensitic steels, tungsten alloys, high-entrop… More

Advancing the development of technologies for combining and/or manufacturing innovative materials tailored for diverse industries, particularly the petrochemical, energy, and aerospace sectors. To achieve this objective, rigorous physical and chemical assessments of materials as supplied by manu… More

The area of research covers several issues related to the design and assessment of the properties of polymer materials and their composites. Much of the work concerns the flammability characteristics of polymers and the search for new, environmentally friendly flame retardants. The research aims… More

The research topics concern two disciplines: materials engineering and computer science. The PhD thesis will focus on research on porous polyurethane materials using machine learning methods. As part of the work, one of the machine learning methods will be used - deep learning. Many characterist… More