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Ph.D., D.Sc. Jacek Janusz Dziurdź
Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering
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ul. Narbutta 84, pok. 0.014, poniedziałek 13:15-14:00
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The research area covers the diagnosis of the technical condition of mechanical components of drive systems. It is planned to verify the effectiveness of the proposed diagnostic algorithms at test stands or real objects operating in operational conditions. On this basis, the following issues can be considered: - Study of the evolution of changes in the state of involute meshing in gears, - Diagnosing the technical condition of toothed gears with various meshing geometries, including multi-stage gears, - Diagnosing the technical condition of rolling bearings in power transmission system, - Detection of mechanical damages of internal combustion engine components, - Analysis of vibroacoustic energy transmission in elements of the drive system.
Mechanical Engineering