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Ph.D., D.Sc. Paulina Wiecińska
Faculty of Chemistry
Gmach Technologii Chemicznej, p. 315, konsultacje: środy 13-14
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# Research Area Dziedzina naukowa
1 The research carried out in my Team (Ceramics Group) concerns the preparation of ceramic materials having unique properties which can be used, e.g. in the electronics industry (dielectric, semiconductor, ferroelectric materials), automotive (materials resistant to abrasive wear) or medicine (e.g. dental restorations). The current research focuses on shaping and sintering of the materials, such as: Al2O3, ZrO2, ZnO, Ba (Sr) TiO3, SiC and ceramic composites reinforced with the metallic phase (Ni and Mo) and graphene. 3D printing (stereolithography and direct ink writing) is the shaping technique intensively examined in the Ceramics Group. 3D printing technologies require the development of organic additives which will create photocurable ceramic dispersions of convenient rheological properties. In the cooperation with the Institute of Power Engineering, research on the development of the technology of solid oxide cells (SOC) is carried out. Chemical Engineering