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prof. Tomasz Ciach
Wydział Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej
Gmach Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej, pokoj 517, konsultacje: poniedziałek 10 - 11
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Subwencja: 6/5     Spoza subwencji: 1/3

Wykaz obszarów badawczych:

# Research Area Dziedzina naukowa
1 The main research areas of prof. Tomasz Ciach cover all issues related to medical biotechnology, in particular: drug delivery systems, nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery, nanoparticles for medical diagnostics, bone implants obtained by 3D printing methods, ceramic nanoparticles for bone implants, biodegradable polymers, blood vessel prostheses, advanced coatings for implants and medical devices such as vascular and urological catheters as well as vascular prostheses or heart prostheses. Cosmetics based on scientific knowledge - cosmeceuticals. Doctorates often end with product development for industry or the establishment of a spinoff company by a PhD student: NanoVelos, NanoThea, NanoSanguis, Science4Beauty ... Chemical Engineering