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Ph.D., D.Sc. Michał Tomasz Borecki
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Gmach Elektrotechniki, pokoj: 537, czwartek 10-11
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# Research Area Dziedzina naukowa
1 Internet of Things, intelligent and adaptive sensors - design and implementation of dedicated devices and diagnostic methods. Diagnostics and prediction of object properties based on newly developed reliable signal patterns, to which raw data is received from constructed and programmed systems. Due to the nature of the selected strategies and methods, the detection systems also apply information obtained from websites. Signal pattern sets are used for programming detection units using artificial neural networks. The application areas currently relate to a) the quality and stability of multicomponent liquids, including, e.g., fuel, organic fluids (capillary measurement systems), b) quality and performance parameters of vehicle components - intelligent wheels (measuring mechatronic systems), c) health detection and infection therapy with the use of fluorescent detection systems and photodynamic therapies (optoelectronic systems), d) prediction of energy production from renewable sources of wind and solar radiation. Electronic device design uses single-board computers, microcontrollers, dedicated electronic and optoelectronic systems, adaptations of standard sensor heads, and dedicated sensor heads (e.g., capillary). Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Space Technologies