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Ph.D., D.Sc. Agnieszka Łękawa-Raus
Faculty of Mechatronics
Gmach Mechatroniki, pokój 148, proszę kontaktowąć się przez MSTeams
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I focus on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and the production of macroscopic nanotube structures as well as nanocomposites based on nanotubes and graphene. I am mainly interested in the production and modification of electrical conductors based on macroscopic nanotube structures for electronic and electrical applications such as electric wires, electrical machines, sensors, heaters, electronic components, etc. Potential application areas are aviation, e-textiles, flexible and transparent electronics. I am also particularly interested in the area of ​​"green electronics", i.e. environmentally friendly electronics, which uses widely available, renewable and natural materials that can be easily recycled or biodegraded.

Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Space Technologies