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prof. Joanna Ludmiła Ryszkowska
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Środkowo-Lotniczy, 223, wtorki 10:30 - 12:00
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1 Areas of scientific activity: polymer materials, including degradable and biodegradable (description of the structure, characteristics of properties, relations between the structure and properties), polymer thermoplastic composites - including the use of natural fillers, polyurethane materials, including those manufactured with the use of renewable raw materials (relationships between the structure and properties : elastomers, foams and polyurethane composites. Recycling of thermoplastics and polymer duroplasts. Applications of the above-mentioned materials in: medicine, rehabilitation, agriculture, construction, machine building and others. Research and interpretation of polymer materials analysis results using: infrared spectroscopy, scanning calorimetry differential, dynamic analysis of mechanical properties, thermogravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, x-ray scattering. Materials Engineering

The research topics concern two disciplines: materials engineering and computer science. The PhD thesis will focus on research on porous polyurethane materials using machine learning methods. As part of the work, one of the machine learning methods will be used - deep learning. Many characteristics of porous polyurethane materials depend on the pore microstructure of these foams, including pore size, pore perforation size, and wall thickness. The features of the foams that depend on the parameters of the pore microstructure include: properties determined during deformation of the foams.

Materials Engineering