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prof. Marcin Leonowicz
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Inżynieria Materiałowa, Wołoska 141, pok. 006
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1 Topic: New techniques of ultrasonic atomization of metals and alloys The proposed research area covers fabrication of powders of various materials by ultrasonic atomization, using arc and induction melting. Tests of powders in terms of their applications for 3D printing and description of optimal atomization conditions and analysis of critical process parameters. Optimization of ultrasonic atomization processes supported by simulation tools. Comparison of the powders obtained with powders produced by other methods available on the market. Making prints from selected powders and developing a system for assessing their quality. Development of a method of removing support structures for printed materials and evaluation of the print surface after cleaning. Analysis of critical parameters of the process of removing support structures. Materials Engineering