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Spray formation through the impinging process of round liquid jets of two distinct liquids under near and flash-boiling conditions. The study will be focused on the evaluation of spray and jet formation in non- and flash-boiling conditions. The study will include an investigation into a liquid jet breakup at considered regimes, the interaction of liquid jets formed by the two distinct liquids, and the further process of droplets’ formation. The critical part of the study will be focused on linking the observed differences in jets’ formation with the changes in the impingement-induced structures and further droplet formation. Through the experimental campaign, the student will assess how the changes in the properties of individual jets related to the flash boiling affect the development of instabilities formed at the collision point and the detachment of droplets. The overall outcome will be the understanding of the process of spray formation through the impingement of two different liquids in near- and flash-boiling conditions.