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dr hab. inż. Waldemar Smolik
Wydział Elektroniki i Technik Informacyjnych
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The simulations will allow to determine the optimal parameters of a tomographic sensor, which will be in the form of an elastic belt or a vest worn by the patient. Real measurements on a simple thorax phantom which will simulate the respiratory cycle will be performed. A prototype of a flexible sensor with surface electrodes and a mechanical-electrical lung phantom will be built. Measurements will be performed using the 32-channel electrical capacitance tomograph EVT4, designed and built at ZEJiM. In order to perform the measurements, the signal channels of the tomographic system will be rebuilt in accordance with the results of theoretical considerations and numerical simulation, so as to adapt them to the new concept of measuring electric permittivity and electrical conductivity. Results of the research, evaluation of the sensitivity of measurements, spatial and temporal resolution as well as image quality will be the subject of publications in renowned journals. Modification of the measuring system including electrodes will be the subject of a patent application. The developed scripts for the simulation of the thorax phantom as well as the measurement data and reconstructed images will be made available to the scientific community in public repositories.

Automatyka, Elektronika, Elektrotechnika i Technologie Kosmiczne