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dr hab. inż. Nabi Ibadov
Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej
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1. Planning and scheduling of construction projects under conditions of uncertainty (planning of construction projects is most often carried out in an environment with a high level of uncertainty and planning parameters are disturbed as a result of the influence of various external and internal factors, causing a discrepancy between the designed (planned) parameters and the actual parameters of the project. Therefore, one should strive to improve the methods and models of planning decision-making using mathematical tools adequate to the problem and propose a new approach integrating decision-making with the methods of scheduling and network planning).
2. Reliability of technological and organizational solutions in the implementation of construction projects (The aim of the research topic is to develop methods of increasing reliability taking into account the risk in the design of the organization, technology and construction management in conditions of uncertainty. Irrational decisions regarding the design and selection of technological and organizational solutions lead to large losses and a decrease in the efficiency of construction investments. It is caused, inter alia, by the complexity of construction processes, the multi-variant nature of technological solutions and the multi-variant nature of construction organization and management methods. Hence, it becomes current and necessary to develop a methodology to improve the reliability of technological and organizational solutions taking into account the risk).

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