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# Obszar badawczy Dziedzina naukowa
1 Design of logistic facilities (warehouses, logistic and distribution centres, transshipment terminals, intermodal terminals, industrial plants, etc.); shaping, optimization, rationalization, streamlining, modelling of logistic processes, internal transport and storage processes; implementation and evaluation of new technologies in intralogistics and logistics; modelling and optimization of intralogistic processes (order picking, co-packing, packing, storage, transshipment, etc.), application of mathematical and simulation modelling tools; application of mathematical and simulation modelling tools in logistics; construction of simulation models and conducting simulation studies (e.g. using the FlexSim tool); digital twin; digital shadow; IoT - Internet of Things
2 Methods of analysis and optimisation of intelligent complex systems SoS (System-of-Systems) – autonomous interacting technology-intensive systems, communicating and interacting with the environment, involved in real-time decision-making. The primary subject of research are network systems – computer networks, mobile networks, sensor networks (potentially utility networks as well), and systems providing services and applications in those networks – in particular, 5G and Internet of Things services. Research covers problems of design, management and real-time control of systems related to structure optimisation, resource allocation, job scheduling, etc. Analysed are issues of stochastic behaviour, uncertainty, and performance, reliability, robustness and efficiency criteria. Developed are algorithms based on mathematical programming (combinatorial optimization and graph algorithms, in particular), queueing theory, machine learning, data analysis, process simulation), embedded into on-line and off-line system software.
3 Lighting of means of transport and transport infrastructure. Modeling and simulation of optical-lighting systems. Design of innovative lighting systems of the public transport infrastructure. Energy efficiency of lighting. Light pollution. Impact of lighting on humans. Studies of the state of the means of transport lighting and lighting infrastructure. Issues of lighting in Smart City.

Współczesne metody eksperymentalne w mechanice i budowie maszyn oraz rozwój tych metod. Nowoczesne metody projektowania maszyn. Badanie właściwości kompozytów, biomechanika.