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Ph.D., D.Sc. Emilian Szczepański
Faculty of Transport
Gmach Nowej Kreślarni (Wydział Transportu), Koszykowa 75, p. 367, konsultacje: piątek 10:00-11:00 lub możliwość konsultacji zdalnych przez MS TEAMS po wcześniejszym umowieniu.
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# Research Area Dziedzina naukowa
1 Research in the area of supply chain management (SC): flexibility and resilience of SC to internal phenomena and global disruption (natural disasters, wars, diseases, sanctions), management and shaping of SC, supply, distribution, risk management, development and/or the use of decision support tools in SC based on the machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation. Research in the field of city logistics: planning a cargo distribution system, developing innovative solutions for the last mile logistics, infrastructure designing for environmentally-friendly vehicles, including methods of locating charging stations for electric vehicles, developing and/or using decision support tools in urban logistics based on the machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation. Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Transport