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1 Research in the area of supply chain management (SC): flexibility and resilience of SC to internal phenomena and global disruption (natural disasters, wars, diseases, sanctions), management and shaping of SC, supply, distribution, risk management, development and/or the use of decision support tools in SC based on the machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation. Research in the field of city logistics: planning a cargo distribution system, developing innovative solutions for the last mile logistics, infrastructure designing for environmentally-friendly vehicles, including methods of locating charging stations for electric vehicles, developing and/or using decision support tools in urban logistics based on the machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation.

Globalization of threats to homeland security, such as international terrorism, smuggling of weapons or drugs became one of the main challenges for security forces in the 21st century. In effect, new, scientifically grounded methods for fighting organized crime have been proposed in recent years. One of rapidly developing approaches are Security Games (SGs), which consist in modeling tactical security issues as games between security forces (secret service, police, etc.) and organized attackers (terrorists, military groups, etc.). Over the last 10 years, as part of my research team's activities and based on international collaboration, we have proposed several methods effectively approximating SG solutions using optimization metaheuristics and random sampling methods. The aim of the thesis is to extend some of these methods to the case of multi-objective SGs in which the Attacker (Follower) and the Defender (Leader) have more than one criterion for optimizing their strategies.