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1 materiały, fizyka stosowana, fizyka ogólna, materia skondensowana, energia, fizyka chemiczna, materiały optyczne, materiały ferromagnetyczne, przewody ferromagnetyczne, ab initio, polaryzacja, płyny i plazmy, nanoribony, efekty termoelektryczne, siliken, grafen, elektrody
2 The first research area concerns the fabrication and characterization of nanocomposites containing materials with a two-dimensional (2D) structures. The aim of the research is to create and study a composite that will exhibit anisotropic thermal conductivity due to the designed internal architecture and 2D filler properties. The fabricated materials will be intended for applications where controlled management of heat transport is important. The second research area concerns heterostructures composed of nanometric layers of crystalline and amorphous materials with programmable physical properties in terms of thermal and electrical conductivity. The research is carried out in collaboration with EMPA (Switzerland). The research objective of the work concerns the microstructural characterization of the fabricated heterostructures, including studies by SEM, TEM, AFM, Raman spectroscopy. Electrical and thermal properties studies will be equally important.

I focus on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and the production of macroscopic nanotube structures as well as nanocomposites based on nanotubes and graphene. I am mainly interested in the production and modification of electrical conductors based on macroscopic nanotube structures for electronic and electrical applications such as electric wires, electrical machines, sensors, heaters, electronic components, etc. Potential application areas are aviation, e-textiles, flexible and transparent electronics. I am also particularly interested in the area of ​​"green electronics", i.e. environmentally friendly electronics, which uses widely available, renewable and natural materials that can be easily recycled or biodegraded.