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Wykaz obszarów badawczych związanych z tagiem Elektroenergetyka:

# Obszar badawczy Dziedzina naukowa
1 Issues related to rational use of energy (consumption, generation, transmission and distribution), in particular electricity. Studies of electricity use patterns in the context of energy efficiency, participation in ancillary services to electricity networks, demand side response, etc. Energy management as a process to improve energy management and maximise benefits from energy use by different types of users. Energy management in prosumer installations (methods, objectives, short and long term effects). Energy management in the context of climate and energy policy objectives and sustainable development.
2 Forecasting the RES generation and production of electricity in systems of various sizes using machine learning. Optimization in power engineering

The power system must maintain a balance between demand and supply of electricity at all times. In most solutions used around the world, this balance is achieved by using various types of market systems. However, due to changes in the way electricity is produced and consumed, these systems are undergoing a kind of evolution. One of the key problems is to ensure stable operation of the system in the sense of its ongoing power balancing. Although many market tools have already been developed to support the transmission system operator in this task, new concepts are still being sought to minimize energy costs for the end user or the economy as a whole. The aim of the research is to develop new market models using optimization methods (e.g. computational intelligence methods) based on forecasts in various time horizons.


Forecasting and estimating the condition of power grids. Optimization in the power industry. Research on new forecasting methods resistant to data deficit.