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Wykaz obszarów badawczych związanych z tagiem Industry-40:

# Obszar badawczy Dziedzina naukowa
1 Modeling of transport, logistics and production systems and processes: analytical and simulation methods, digital twins. Application of pseudo-random number generators in logistics and production processes and providing sensitivity analyses of selected parameters of logistics facilities operation in the aspect of dynamically changing conditions. Decision support modeling in transportation, logistics and production processes. Design of logistics facilities such as: warehouses, logistics centers, intermodal terminals, transshipment, etc. Application of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in logistics and manufacturing processes. Sustainability of transport systems, including prevention of transport poverty, ecology, karakuri. Issues of Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0. Research and analysis of railroad track condition. Research is mainly concerned the following branches and fields of transport: rail, road and internal transport. Simulation methods.
2 New production models using IT. The development of new IT technologies (conventionally known as Industry 4.0 technologies) creates new opportunities for the construction, organization and management of production and enterprises. The existing concepts and models for the organization and management of production do not fully use the enormous potential of Industry 4.0 technologies. Among the many new opportunities created by new technologies, one should mention, inter alia, the production model as a service, new concepts for the construction and management of dispersed supply chains and distribution systems, etc. In particular, one of the barriers to the dissemination of new technologies is the lack of reference models and methodologies for designing such systems and the lack of knowledge and skills to assess their effects (including impact assessment). on the widely understood environment - technology impacy assessment). The work is of research, concept and design nature.

 Industry 4.0, Intelligent Organization, Human Capital Management, Knowledge Worker, Digital Transformation


Technology acceptance assessment, statistical data analysis, structural equation modeling, management problems in health care, social aspects on smart cities, hydrogen technologies, project management