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1 Modeling, fabrication, and characterization of passive photonic structures for metrology, telecommunications, sensing and biosensing. Analytical, semi-analytical, and numerical modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in photonic elements. The use and development of thin-film technologies, in particular magnetron sputtering and atomic layer deposition (ALD). Fabrication of bulk and fiber photonic structures by femtosecond laser micromachining.
2 Research activities cover the problems of producing, modelling and characterizing active media and photonic structures for laser technology, fibre optics, integrated optoelectronics, visualization, radiation detection, technology of light, sensors and photovoltaics. A significant portion of his scientific practice consists of spectroscopic laser study of the impact of multi-ion and multiphoton processes on the optic parameters of various types of luminophores and active media. Recently, this study has focused on the research of such active media as planar or optical fibre waveguides, structures with spherical symmetry, nanocrystals as well as ceramic and hybrid materials.
3 The research area includes fiber optics and photonics. The proposed research issues concern the development and testing of components, photonic sensors and fiber lasers based on innovative optical fibers and periodic (but not only) structures, in particular fiber Bragg gratings. Research topics may include experimental work in the field of fabrication of photonic structures, their spectral and sensing characterization, as well as design and modeling aspects. Scientific work may also be focused on the application of these structures, mainly in sensor systems and fiber lasers.
4 Development of innovative, advanced sensing solutions, in particular for biosensing applications. The sensors benefit from unique properties of applied optical fibers and thin films. As a team, within recent years we have developed advanced technological and measurement capabilities, as well as gained world-wide recognized experience within thin film technology and optical fiber sensing techniques. We work on design (numerical analysis), fabrication (thin film technology, surface processing and functionalization), measurements (surface analysis; optical, electrochemical and biosensing measurements) and applications (collaboration with industrial and scientific partners, including mechanics, physicists, material scientists, chemists, biologist and medics). Additionally, we design and fabricate optoelectronic systems for analysis of response of developed sensors, as well as tune a wide gamut of thin film deposition techniques towards their custom applications.
5 włókna, materiały, światłowody, technologia światłowodowa, optyka stosowana, światłowody, inżynieria elektryczna i elektroniczna, materiały optyczne, polaryzacja, ciekłe kryształy, materiały optyczne i elektroniczne, fotoniczne włókna krystaliczne, fizyka ogólna, fizyka ogólna, fotoniczne włókna krystaliczne, fotoniczne ciekłe kryształy, dwójłomność, światłowody, czujniki, inżynieria biomedyczna, materiałoznawstwo