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I am involved in the development of new computational microscopy methods for the study of living cells and tissue sections. I use techniques of classical optoelectronic data (images) registration and their subsequent numerical reconstruction with specialized algorithms (also based on machine learning and deep learning) to overcome limitations related to small field of view, low signal to noise ratio, poor contrast etc. Computational microscopy techniques of particular interest include interference microscopy, diffraction tomography, Fourier ptychography, and holographic lensless microscopy. The opto-numerical microscopes being developed allow key live cell measurements to be made without the photochemical stress associated with fluorescent staining. Our techniques are gaining popularity among biologists with whom I collaborate extensively. I am also conducting collaborative research projects with researchers from the University of Valencia (Prof. Vicente Micó's group), Arctic University of Norway in Tromso (Prof. Balpreet Ahluwalia's group) and Nanjing University (Prof. Chao Zuo's group). I invite those willing to contact me and collaborate on an interdisciplinary PhD combining photonics, data analysis and biomedical engineering.