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1 Research on the synthesis and modification of polyhydroxyurethanes. Polyurethanes are one of the most important groups of plastics used in many fields. However, the currently used technologies for their production are based on the use of isocyanates, which are toxic and moisture sensitive, and their production requires the use of highly toxic phosgene and generates stoichiometric amounts of sodium chloride. In recent years, the search for new technologies that would eliminate the use of these harmful reagents continues. An alternative to traditional polyurethanes are environmentally friendly polyhydroxyurethanes. Among others, carbon dioxide and fatty acids derivatives are used for their synthesis,. The subject of the proposed thesis will be the synthesis of polyhydroxyurethanes with the use of multi(cyclic carbonates) in reaction with diamines and their characterization, followed by modification of free hydroxyl groups with functional groups giving them new properties.