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Wykaz obszarów badawczych związanych z tagiem Modyfikacja-biopolimerow:

# Obszar badawczy Dziedzina naukowa
1 Synthetic and modified biopolymers. Research on the synthesis and physical (blend, composite) and chemical modification (block and branched copolymers, degradation, chain extension) of synthetic (PLA, PHA, PBAT, etc.) and natural (cellulose, starch, chitosan) biopolymers. The use of natural, waste fillers. Composites of biopolymers with heat-conducting carbon materials. Abrasive compositions based on biopolymers. Development of materials and testing the properties of these systems for specific applications. Research on mechanical, rheological and structural properties. Processing of biopolymers, including reactive processing. Investigations of hydrolytic, enzymatic and composting degradation. Modification to increase hydrolytic, thermo- and photo-oxidative stability.