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1 Our scientific activity has a multidisciplinary character and the research interests range from fundamental inorganic and organometallic chemistry to supramolecular chemistry to catalysis, materials science, and nanotechnology. A distinctive feature of our investigations is transferring curiosity-driven molecular-level fundamental research to practical applications that include i) catalysis and small molecules activation (O2, N2, CO2, and SO2), ii) heavy-metal free quantum dots for electronic devices, biomedicine, and catalysis, iii) hybrid inorganic-organic perovskites for the new generation photovoltaic solar cells, and iv) porous materials for gas storage and separation, catalysis, and drug encapsulation. We exploit omnipotent wet synthetic procedures as well as solid-state transformations like mechanochemistry (i.e. reactions driven by mechanical force) and slow chemistry (i.e., solid-state transformation without external stimuli).

Synthesis and technology of biologically active compounds (drugs, biocides). Asymmetric synthesis. Biotransformations using enzymes and microorganisms leading to obtaining optically active compounds. The use of microwaves and mechanochemical methods in the synthesis of valuable compounds.