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1 Synthesis and properties of organosilicon aerogels and composite materials based on these aerogels: experimental research and numerical modeling. Numerical modeling of aerosol and colloidal systems (synthesis, particle dynamics, formation, structuring and disintegration of aggregates).
2 Surface-active proteins enable stabilization of emulsion and foam systems, e.g. in the food industry. Today, the animal-derived proteins (e.g. lactoglobulins, caseins, albumin) are mostly employed for this purpose, but the environmental cost of their production is very high. It stems mainly from the low efficiency of transformation of plant proteins into animal proteins. Meanwhile, plant proteins can also display high surface activity, in their native state or after chemical / enzymatic modification. The research area covers the isolation and study of the surface properties of proteins isolated from various protein-rich plant species (e.g. lupine, rapeseed, hemp).