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Wykaz obszarów badawczych związanych z tagiem Elektroakustyka:

# Obszar badawczy Dziedzina naukowa
1 Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI, such as deep learning) in the field of technical and environmental sciences, including the analog systems diagnostics (for instance, audio amplifiers or RIAA correctors), exploration of human musical taste based on the analysis of acoustic features of songs, design of smart investment strategies for the stock market, monitoring the electrical energy consumption by the appliances based on the aggregated voltage and current signals, or design of secure IoT systems.
2 Projects in the field of acoustics and psychoacoustics; problems that refer to relations between physical quantities characterizing acoustical phenomena and the perceptual sound quality. In particular to phenomena related to acoustical quality of rooms such as concert and chamber halls, audio-visual and listening rooms, and issues related to spatial properties of sound achieved in multimedia with the use of simulations.