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I am a constructor of electrical apparatus, who specializes in issues related to electromagnetism and low frequencies. I work for the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering - at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology - my area of scientific interest is:

  • construction of apparatus, electromechanical devices and other switchgears,
  • numerical analysis of electrodynamic interactions and thermal phenomena in current paths, contacts of electrical apparatus and devices with the use of coupled analyzes in the Ansys environment.

Treating each device as an electromechanical structure, the scope of interests and research works includes:

  • construction of electric power devices and switchgears,
  • analysis of switching processes in low, medium and high voltage switches,
  • analysis of electrodynamic forces in current paths and contact systems,
  • thermal analyses in current paths (convection, conduction, radiation),
  • contact systems and high-current circuits,
  • designing electrical apparatus using the FEM (Finite Element Method) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) methods,
  • performing and analyzing the distribution of the electromagnetic field in electric power devices,
  • development of electronic control components on PCBs,
  • electrotechnical materials science,
  • issues related to the working conditions and operation of electric power devices,
  • phenomena related to the flow of electric current (proximity and skin effect, electric arc, thermal phenomena).