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1 Research into new energy structures (e.g. virtual power plants, virtual lines, virtual storage, microgrids, energy clusters, energy cooperatives, prosumers and flexumers) in the context of their impact on the electricity system, the role of energy storage, the energy market, energy policy objectives, the decarbonisation of the sector, the economy or social attitudes (technical, ecological and socio-economic factors). Possibilities for the development of these structures under different climate and energy policy scenarios. Investigation of the profitability conditions for investment in selected structures
2 The proposed research topic concerns an innovative method of hydrogen production from the direct conversion of methane from biogas and other sources to hydrogen and carbon in a microwave catalytic reactor. The European Commission confirmed the actuality of this research topic by a recently announced call within the Horizon Europe framework. WUT is one of the beneficient (Robert Cherbański, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof. is the project manager at WUT). The broad scope of the research offers excellent opportunities for scientific development for the person who decides to pursue a doctorate. One of the project's main goals is to develop a technology demonstrator for directly converting biogas into valuable carbon materials and a hydrogen-rich stream. The proposed research topic is closely related to one of the research directions being developed at WICHiP. Previous activity concerned the hydrogen and synthesis gas production using both classical methods (steam and dry reforming) and innovative methods, e.g. obtaining hydrogen with simultaneous CO2 sequestration. In one of the currently implemented projects, the synthesis gas obtained is used to get the fuel of the future, dimethyl ether.