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1 computer vision (SLAM, visual search), machine learning (deep learning, generative models, continual learning), representation learning (binary descriptors).

Abstract Visual Reasoning (AVR) comprises problems that resemble those appearing in human IQ tests. For example, Raven's Progressive Matrices present a set of images arranged in a 3x3 grid with a missing panel in the bottom-right corner. The test-taker has to discover relations governing 2D shapes (and their attributes) located in the images to select an answer, from a provided set of options, that best completes the matrix. In general, AVR tasks focus on fundamental cognitive abilities such as analogy-making, conceptual abstraction, or extrapolation, which makes advancements delivered by this research applicable to diverse areas, extending well beyond the investigated tasks. In this research we plan to verify the abilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Large Vision Models (LVMs) to solve AVR tasks, both synthetic and representing real-world images.