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My scientific interests include the organic and supramolecular chemistry, mostly related to the design of novel chemical molecular receptors based on polyaromatic compounds. Research works merge the preparative organic chemistry with the studies on non-covalent interactions of the designed compounds with analytes. In particular, my research group specializes in the modification and applications of sumanene derivatives. Sumanene is the C3-symmetric C60-fullerene fragment. The unique feature of sumanene is its bowl shape, which causes the attractive properties of this molecule. My research group of one in Poland and one of few worldwide working in the area of applied chemistry of sumanene, especially in the field of design of molecular receptors. My scientific interests are also focused on the design of molecular receptors featuring the aggregation-induced emission enhancement effect. To synthesize such receptors, we synthesize novel polyaromatic compounds featuring this effect and we are studying their applications as receptors, mostly of ions (inorganic and bio-relevant ones).