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1 The core of my research is related to the development of spatial imaging methods of static objects (widely known as 3D scanning) and those in motion (called 4D scanning, realised many times per second), the automation of related processes and their practical use. The work related to the development of imaging methods that I carry out can be divided into the following areas: • development of calibration methods for scanners with 3D / 4D structured lighting, • development of multimodal 3D / 4D measurement techniques extending the measurement of surface geometry with additional information on local spectral and diffuse-reflection characteristics, • development of a method for 4D measurement of human surface geometry in motion from many directions at the same time, • development of a hierarchical approach to 3D imaging of complex and extensive scenes in which very high resolution and accuracy of mapping are required locally, • a wide range of data processing techniques for applications in medicine, gaming, special effects, defense and documentation of cultural heritage.