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1 New hardware video compression acceleration algorithms: The research topic is devoted to the development of new hardware architectures for the latest H.266 / VVC video compression standard. This standard allows to improve the efficiency of compression compared to its predecessors (H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC) thanks to the use of new options and methods of encoding and mode selection. However, it entails a great deal of computation that makes software implementations far from handling HD, UHD-4K and UHD-8K high definition video in real time. Implementations in digital circuits in FPGA and ASIC technology may solve the problem, but they require a large amount of resources and go beyond the limitations of existing solutions. The aim of the work is to modify the encoder algorithm and develop its hardware architecture so that it is cost-effective, meets the performance requirements and provides compression efficiency close to the limits achieved by the software reference encoders.