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1 My scientific are of interests is electronics technology and additive techniques for structural and printed electronics. In my professional work I deal with the development and investigation of the properties of composite materials with the addition of functional phase in the form of carbon nanotubes, graphene platelets, metal and ceramic powders, phosphors, catalysts and other types of functional fillers. Important in the development of these materials is the determination of the relationship between the type and degree of functional phase filling in the composite and the electrical, optical, mechanical, thermal and other properties important for electronic applications. Utilised additive techniques FDM, SLA, BinderJet and SLS, as well as ink-jet, aerosol-jet and screen printing. Potential applications include temperature, pressure, strain and electrochemical sensors, antennas and rectennas, thermoelectric structures, printed battries and supercapacitors, 3D printed magnets and more.