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Wykaz obszarów badawczych związanych z tagiem Contactless-wireless-transmission-of-electricity:

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1 Contactless (wireless) transmission of electricity using signals of high frequency and high electric field strength. As part of the work, it is planned to develop systems of transmitters and receivers and to carry out research on materials allowing for the appropriate shaping of the electric field, which should have an impact on the energy efficiency of energy transmission. One of the research directions will be to determine the possibility of interaction of several energy sources in space. It is expected that the work will be a laboratory stand allowing for research on contactless energy transfer, which will be used to study the developed devices and the phenomenon of propagation. It is planned to develop simulation models showing the operation of transmitting and receiving devices with elements shaping the field. The results obtained during the laboratory tests will be used to verify the developed models. It is assumed that the system and devices allowing for wireless energy transmission up to several kW will be developed.