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# Obszar badawczy Dziedzina naukowa
1 Operations and Maintenance system in 6G Mobile Networks: analysis of Machine Learning impact in the network management as a whole (multi-agent environment)
2 Integration of knowledge and ICT systems. The development of ICT infrastructure as a key layer of civilization will follow several basic directions. At the technological level, it is the integration of more and more distant functionalities, virtualization, development of structural components, major and minor, such as energy resources, databases and centers computing, clouds, fog, next-generation mobility such as 6G and quantum, networg edge, artificial intelligenceand machine learning, internet of things, digital twins, cybersecurity, and more. At the infrastructural level, it is the merging of ICT with other technical and non-technical layers of civilization material and non-material, such as science and knowledge, medicine and health protection, culture, transport, construction, civil engineering, energy, industry, security, and much more. The research concerns the directions of ICT development and their infrastructure integration.