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prof. Małgorzata Anna Lewandowska
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
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ul. Wołoska 141, 02-507 WIM PW, pok. 211
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The PhD project will focus on searching microalloying elements which enables to eliminate the early precipitation stages taking place (just after water quenching but before ageing) in AlMgSi alloys at ambient temperature. The topic is of high importance for aluminium industry because such early precipitation has a detrimental effect on mechanical properties. The scope of the PhD project include the design of chemical composition of the alloy together with heat treatment procedures using ThermoCalc software, preparation of the designed alloys, study of their microstructure using electron microscopy techniques (TEM/SEM) as well as evaluation of their mechanical properties.

-PhD projekt will be carried out within a project financed by National Science Center

Materials Engineering